Season Two of DC’s Stargirl is Here To Stay

The first season of DC’s Stargirl is a thrill-seeking high school drama that captures the imagination quickly. Young high school student Courtney Whitmore leads an unlikely ragtag team of young heroes against the bad guys of the past in this drama series created by Geoff Johns. Teamed with fan-favorite characters Easter Egg and Glinda, the teenage ensemble of Stargirl fight the evil Drelloks and their allies including their mentor Dr. Martin Luther King III. If you are looking for a DC comic book drama that you would like to see, then this is one that you should consider. If you want to watch an amazing television show that has a lot of action, adventure, and romance, then this is it!

Show Newcomers

One of the main characters in the show, Chloe Sullivan, is introduced as an expectant mother who is worried about her unborn baby. She is joined by her daughter Madison, who happens to be the live-in sister of Chloe. Chloe and Madison are soon joined by Aidan Gillen as Stargirl, an immortal who was raised with the ability to time travel by her father. Although the team has many new members, they are faced with a major threat in the form of a powerful entity known as the Baath-morph. This powerful being attacks the team, and it is up to the team to use their resources to help them fight against the enemy.

For the Comic Book Fans

For fans of the comic book and to some degree, the animated cartoon series, Stargirl looks like it will have the same type of success as the comic book did. However, unlike the animated series, the new version of Stargirl is going to be shooting episodes all throughout the season. If you’re a fan of the show, and you missed it, there’s still a chance to catch up. There is still a lot to cover in the twelve episodes, and if you’re a fan of the DC comic book and the TV show, you’ll certainly have fun watching the adventures of Chloe Sullivan and her team.

Major Changes

Now, there are some major changes coming to the cast and crew of the hit television series. Firstly, Mark Lewis is no longer a part of the cast and has been replaced by Dexter Darden as Dr. Rodney Banks. Also, Amber Rose has been replaced, and Michael Chiklis is now portraying consoles. Some have speculated that these changes are for the better, but others think that the change may have been for the worse and that this is simply another move on the writers’ end. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see how these characters fair against the enemies of SGU.

Stargirl is Here to Stay

One thing that’s clear is that Stargirl is not going anywhere, and you’ll probably see more of it in the future. The writers of Stargirl Season Two are certainly up for the task and clearly have a lot of ideas for making the story exciting. The future of this popular television series is definitely one to keep an eye on. Other shows, like Prison Break and Haven, have proven that having an excellent foundation can make for a great story, but this is a show that’s already become very popular, so you have to expect something great from season two.

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