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In this article, we have gathered information on the SAFe® For Architects Training program which is being provided by the Knowledgehut on its immersive learning platform. SAFe® For Architects Training is a comprehensive program which is designed with the aim to facilitate you aligns the software architecture along with business value.


The Certified SAFe® 5 For Architects Training program is a professional designation offered by Scaled Agile to only those practitioners who become experienced in SAFe by completing this 2-day comprehensive training and demonstrating their knowledge on aligning Agile development with firm’s business strategy by acing the exam.

You will get to master the skills of driving collaborative delivery of architecture solutions and learn the way of how architecture will enable continuous business value flow and their role in real world simulations, case studies with SAFe on driving continuous value streams, and much more.

SAFe® For Architects Training makes you a skilled enterprise, system, or solution architect by inculcating in you the required skills to aid the continuous business value flow and make significant contribution to a Lean-Agile Enterprise.

This 3-day training program will be offered to help you ace your exam in the very first attempt. In this regard, you will be equipped with the required skill set, practices, and techniques to implement SAFe in order to develop and maintain Agile release and architecture on-demand. Throughout the training program, you’ll explore key roles and responsibilities and Agile architects mindset to showcase leadership quality and enable delivery of high value product.

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Software Architects are highly sought after these days across industries. If you are looking to develop your job career in IT enterprise, it is to note that there are other better ways available than getting SAFe certification. In SAFe certifications SAFe Architect one is undoubtedly top most in demand in IT sector. In a sense you can by far also say that its proven top paying certification among all non-SAFe certifications, with an average salary of $140,000, which is not too contemptible for someone who is looking to move onward and upward.

The steep in adoption rate of SAFe framework by organizations across the world has transformed into most of the top salaries offered for IT professionals equipped with job-ready certifications. Joining this training program would be a game changer in helping you land your dream job and accelerating your career in a leadership position.


  1. You will be equipped about the required tools and techniques necessary to learn in building DevOps and Release on Demand with Lean-Agile
  2. Learn the role of architect as system, solution, and enterprise architects towards improvisation of collaboration and alignment across teams and stakeholders.
  3. Get master in how to align architecture with firm’s business value so that continuous drive flow remains.
  4. Leverage the tools and techniques learned in making roadmaps, solution vision and intent that will help the software architects transform into effective leaders and change agents with their collaborative delivery.
  5. Get to know how to support Program Increment Planning for improving and collaborating across the enterprise.
  6. Learn deeply the ways to support continuous delivery while PI execution and maintain value flow to Lean-Agile
  7. Align organization strategic themes and value steams with continuous flow to large systems-of-systems and build leadership quality in lean-agile transformation.
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There are certain pre-requisites that you need to fulfill to get certified in SAFe 5 Architect training. They are:

  1. Knowledge of applying Lean-Agile principles
  2. Completion of no less than one SAFe course
  3. Prior participation in minimum one ART and one PI

So, there is no need to wait further, join the training program and accelerate your career growth exponentially by standing out among your non-certified peers.

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