Review and specification of the ADT Dallas security cameras

ADT is the best name in the security systems because all these are designed with cutting edge technology. The ADT security cameras are the ultimate video surveillance solution that is designed with the unique feature of the weatherproof Infrared HD technology. These are different due to the adjustable lens. It is the first security camera that contains vari-focal lenses. In this way users can adjust the camera lens for fitting wide range to focus the clear image. It gives the wide range of the indoor/outdoor monitoring as per security needs including surroundings of the building or distant areas such as parking lot.

Specifications and review of these cameras are the evidence of their efficiency. Learn about the infrared security camera that contains high-tech configuration.

About ADT security cameras

The ADT Dallas offers outdoor weatherproof CCTV cameras that have high-tech infrared sensors. These qualities make them ideal for using in the dim light and even in the darkness. These are famous due to the dual technology of colored and Black and white image delivery for day and night monitoring. These security cameras switch over to night vision mode automatically, in the darkness. In the way these devices capture the image or video on complete darkness.

It has two lenses options, first contains 8mm lens that is perfect for the monitoring of the retail floors, parking lot, warehouse or other areas in the office building, in short it is an ideal choice for indoor distance areas. The second 3.6 lens is an ideal selection for the wide angles monitoring such as hall ways, building entrances and receptionist areas. These cameras are highly efficient in the functionality and incredible security.

Salient Features the security cameras

These cameras are elegant due to the unique features that make it the most efficient devices. The top class configuration is the proof of the cutting edge technology that is used in these cameras.

  1. The security camera offers 8mm lens, which gives an ideal distance monitoring.
  2. The other lens of 3.6mm lens facilitates the user by giving close proximity and wide angle monitoring.
  3. The weather proof casing is an ideal feature of the CCTV camera that makes it sensitive for dirt and moisture. It can work in all weather conditions efficiently.
  4. Motion JPEG and efficient multi-streaming rate real-time H.264.
  5. It is crafted with the power-over-Ethernet (802.3f) technology.
  6. It supports the user with motion detection technology by sending notifications for security purpose.
  7. The powerful lens ensures the user a high resolution with the clarity of the image.

About ADT Dallas

The ADT Dallas security network has been serving with their high-tech infrared cameras since 2002.  They are serving consumer market and SMB with the CCTV cameras of cutting edge technology. They offer these security cameras across the globe. They are the top manufacturers of the video/voice and video surveillance solution. You can order their security system online and get their services at your pace.

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