Pennsylvania Casinos Continue to Receive Counterfeit Money

Fake money has been one of the main challenges casinos in Pennsylvania have been dealing with for many years. The bills are presented to the cashiers by players. The players are either fully aware the dollar bills are fake, or they are victims who received the money from other people. The latest case happened at the Valley Forge Casino, PA.

It is safer playing at Pennsylvania online casinos

Pennsylvania online casinos provide a better approach to solving fake money problems in the sector. Players make payments online through the casino’s advanced payment platforms. They allow deposit methods that are widely known in every business sector. Due to this, the online casinos in PA don’t have to worry about counterfeit bill problems.

Senior citizens seem to be an easier target

Suppliers of fake money seem to have found an easy target. Two unsuspecting senior citizens in PA have recently fallen victim. In the most recent case, a 57-year-old man from Red Hill, PA, visited Valley Forge Casino on July 7 to place bets. He handed over a fake $100 bill to the cashier.

The second incident happened about ten days earlier, on June 27. Another senior citizen, a 62-year-old man, visited the same casino and presented a fake $100 bill. Both bills were presented to the Secret Service and confirmed as fake.

It was confirmed both seniors were victims, and no further action against them will be taken. It is important to note the US economy in 2022 is expected to grow by 2.4%, but the circulation of fake money negatively impacts economic growth.

Several people have been charged for counterfeit money before

These two recent incidents are not the first to happen in PA casinos. Several people were charged in late 2020 after they presented fake dollars in different PA casinos. The December 2020 incident involved four men, all from Philadelphia. They had $16,000 of fake money, which they tried to spend in casinos in New Jersey and PA in April 2019.

The same men had tried to make payments with 20 fake $100 bills at Racetrack casino in Chester and Harrah’s Casino in Philadelphia. The charges read against included conspiracy to commit crime, forgery, having crime instruments, and deception. Technology in gaming is playing an important role in preventing such incidents from happening in the future.

Possession of counterfeit money leads to a jail term

According to law, being found in possession of fake money attracts a jail term sentence. It is treated as a felony, and the maximum jail term a person can get is 20 years. An example is Savannah Symone Duncan, who was jailed for two years after she was found in possession of fake $20 bills totaling $2,640. The 24-year-old from LA pleaded guilty to passing fake money.

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