Overcoming 5 Hesitations in Getting Office Cleaning Services

Many offices hire their own cleaning crews, or avail of office cleaning services to maintain the pristine condition of their workplace. However, some companies may still have qualms over hiring third party cleaners as they are worried over the trust and safety in hiring people outside their company to do the cleaning and maintenance services. 

Here are the 5 common hesitations in hiring office cleaners, and why hiring professionals to do the office cleaning is still beneficial for you, your company, and your employees. Whether you’re worried about the costs of hiring from a third party company, or the trust that goes into letting outsiders into your office, take a look at these 5 common qualms:

  • Cost

The most common hesitation in hiring professionals to clean the workplace is the cost. We’re conditioned to believe that these services will cost you an arm and a leg to do, and you’ll need to have the office cleaned everyday too. The costs may be intimidating, but reality is that the costs of hiring professional cleaners from a third party company isn’t as high as you think. 

Office cleaning will not cost you a huge chunk of your budget, and there are several packages now that are available for different kinds of offices. Even small businesses and startups can avail of office cleaning packages at fair, moderate prices. Don’t worry about the costs: as long as you factor in office cleaning services with your budgeting, you’ll be fine! 

  • Trust

If your business deals with a lot of sensitive information or trade secrets, you understandably might not be too keen on allowing an outsider to come into your office everyday, and go about as they please. This is why when availing of cleaning services, you need to look for trusted companies who screen their cleaners thoroughly. 

Trust is a big factor in hiring new people, and remember, the cleaner is alone in your company as well. They might not trust you yet. Trust needs to be built, and you can always screen the applicant yourself as you collaborate with the cleaning company that employs them. 

  • Reliability

Your fancy office might have some unique and high maintenance materials, and you’re worried that the office cleaner would damage the fixtures as he or she cleans them. However, if you go to reputable cleaning companies, and inform them of your high maintenance office beforehand, the company will be able to train the cleaner on the proper way to maintain your office fixtures. 

You won’t need to train them yourself, and they may even be more knowledgeable in cleaning different types of furniture and materials without damaging them. Rest assured that cleaners are often trained before they are deployed to their respective employers, so you can be sure that the cleaner will do their job right! 

  • Covid Safety

Some offices nowadays may have qualms against hiring office cleaners due to the pandemic. You are hiring another person to come in and clean, yet you don’t know if they are vaccinated, or follow proper covid safety procedures at home. 

As long as you partner with a reputable company, you can be assured that the cleaner assigned to you is fully vaccinated, and aware of the procedures during the pandemic. They will be able to go about their work, while keeping in mind the covid protocols that will prevent the spread of the virus to the company workforce. 

Plus, cleaning is a part of covid safety, as disinfecting the different areas of the office will help prevent the spread of diseases. Professional cleaners would know this, and would understand the importance of keeping the office clean during these times. 

  • Necessity

There are those managers who think hiring for office cleaning services is unnecessary as they have a full workforce who can clean the office just as well. Not only is this faulty reasoning, it undermines the amount of work an employee can do in one day – especially for tasks not under their job descriptions! 

Office cleaning is necessary if you want to keep your workplace spotless. Just because you don’t see the dirt until the end of the week, does not mean that you can forego daily cleaning. Office cleaning services are what ensures the safety, health, and presentability of your office, and such are essential to your day to day business operations.

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