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Never Changing Your Vape  Pods Will Eventually Risk Your Health

“Knowing our why can help us change any pattern or habit. Being clear on why we’re changing behaviour helps validate the decision to break that habit and gives us the motivation to discover a new habit or way of coping,” explains Kim Egel, a therapist in Cardiff, California.

It’s essential to know when you have to change your vape pod; you will know when to change their vape pod. Regular vapers familiarise themselves with the vaping patterns, trends and behaviour. They mostly know when to change vape pods. Being aware of your vaping habit can make you a smart and independent Vapour.

There are different parameters depending on a person some are heavy smokers. They need more nicotine and more flavour. They take more vapours and inhale more, so they need to be aware of changing their pod and refilling E-juice. If they do not care to change, it may affect their health due to the burning of the coil and hitting the throat.

However, some signs help you identify when you have to change your vape pod and refill your E-juice.

How much vaping do you inhale or know your vaping habit or behaviour?

Most of the refillable pods last 3 to 5 days, but it also depends on other factors like your vaping trend and behaviour or consuming rate of E-juice. Two warning signs are that you may feel a reduction in flavour or feel a reduction in vapours when you vape. How much you are vaping predict how long you require to refill your pod. Moreover, to get rid of changing your vape pod every time you can use disposable vape like Geek Bar Vape and Elf Bar Vape.

When you start vaping, you should have knowledge about the refilling of e-liquid, and when to change your vape pod otherwise, your coil can be burned may hit your throat and harm your health. So we can say that it is a sensitive matter because it relates to your health.

If you vape only a few minutes a day, then you don’t often need to refill your E-juice, or you are doing a vape-related job that requires vaping the whole day or spending all of your days outside often need to refill E-juice. So we can say that it is a thumb rule that when you vape more often daily, you need to refill your vape tank with E-juice.

You feel losing the potency of flavour during vaping.

When your E-cig starts losing potency in flavour, then it’s a warning sign for you to refill your E-juice or change your pod; otherwise, you may face the problem of the burned coil. This will impact your vaping device and can affect your health and throat.

You feel a reduction in vapours.

Another sign is a reduction in vapours that shows you it’s time to change your pod and need to refill. When you start pulling, and you feel bad flavour quality reduction in taste in your vape then it’s the time to change your pod otherwise, if you want to go long without changing the pod, then it might start to burn when you take in, and it also depends on the above factor again how often you vape and how much you take time for changing the pod.

Feels of Dry hits during vaping

It is one of the bad experiences of changing pod when you start vaping, and instead of feeling sweet, juicy and satisfying, you notice harsh burnt hit like smoke, but it might be even worse than smoking.

Instead of applying bad experiences to yourself by using vapes that need to be changed, you need to think that you’re pretty much done with the old ones, so it’s time for a change.

There are two ways of facing dry hits when you try to inhale the last drop of your vape juice, and another way is when you are a heavier smoker or using to do chain-smoking, then your E-juice will burn faster on your coil than your wick and can draw more. It might be possible that the too hot coil can burn your wick.

So it is so important for your health, and if you want your vaping device to work long, you have to keep an eye on the level of E-liquid and know your vaping pulling speed of puffs to maintain your device. Meanwhile, you need to go for a change in pods and liquids.

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