Tech; 5 Features You Might Not Have Heard


Before we dive into the details of software, we want to tell you about the software itself. The software company was founded in 2014 and has been steadily building to the successful platform it happens to be today. In the 8 years that has been around, it has gained an enormous reputation for being a one-of-a-kind software and has gained a valuation for over $1.9 billion dollars which is one of the biggest markers for a successful startup!

There are many reasons why is such great software. The biggest reasoning being that it has a number of features which users rave about in their reviews. In this piece, we will be going over some major features in this software which make it such a wonderful addition to your business practice.

Key Features

Data Visualization

The first feature in this review we want to tell you about is the data visualization feature which helps you to plan your projects or work perfectly. With a data visualization feature, you can simply present your data in a visual format. This means you are able to make a plan for your project which can be visually understood and explained. Research has shown that data is more easily understood when shown with visual aids rather than just communicated verbally. And with, you are really able to help visualize the data in a way where you can explain it to your team very easily!

Simple Templates

The templates feature in is another one we want to talk to you about. This feature helps you to save so much time and effort. Along with that, you are also able to plan your projects a lot better than before. The software has a number of pre-made templates that you can browse through and choose. Once you choose a template that is relevant to what you would want, you are further able to customize it to fit your needs even better. This helps you save time since you merely have to input the details of your project into the template rather than having to design both the template and the project from scratch!

Easy Collaboration

The easy collaboration feature in is another feature you will often read about in reviews. This feature allows everyone on your team and perhaps in your company to have access to the dashboard so it is easier for you to assign work and also easier for you and your colleagues to stay updated with the progress in regards to your project. Another great thing about the feature is that you and your clients can look at what the other person is up to and also leave suggestions and feedback.

Notifications and Reminders

The notifications feature in is another wonderful addition to the software which makes us believe that you definitely need to look at this software. The feature allows for you to be reminded about any upcoming deadlines for your tasks on the project and also tell you about any time you might have been tagged in a comment. So, for example, your colleague wants to alert you about some feedback they have for you and they tag you in a comment regarding your work, the software will alert you about the tag so that you can easily look at it and not forget about it which is crucial!

Customer Support

While customer support is not the direct feature of any software, it is nonetheless imperative in providing you a good experience with the software. With, you are able to get access to one of the best customer support features in the business. The software company has dedicated a large number of resources on training and hiring wonderful customer support representatives who are willing to assist you in your use of the software. If you ever come across an issue in your use of the software, you are easily able to mitigate the issue with the customer service representatives for! Cost

One of the best things about and using the software is that it has a free version. The software’s free version however, does not have all the features the premium version consists of. The paid version is not as expensive as you would expect. The paid version costs about $16 a month. You also have the option to be billed annually with which essentially means, you can simply pay once and enjoy the software services for the entire year!

So, is the Right Choice for you?

Now that we have discussed the various wonderful features of, you are probably sold on the idea of using it in your business. But just because a software is wonderful generally does not mean it might be right for you. We want to suggest that you write down a list of essential features you want in a software and then see whether or not the software in question has those features for you.

We also suggest that you ask the people at for a demo or trial. A firsthand look at a software is your best way of determining whether or not a software is the right call for you! Reading about features is one thing but seeing them in action is what determines whether the software is the apt choice for your needs.

We are sure whatever conclusion you draw about will be the right call for you. Own review only wished to inform you about the benefits of this project management software for small business, the choice on whether to purchase the software is at the end of the day, entirely yours!

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