Make Your Home Smarter with These Home Automation Tools

Home automation is proof that IoT has is no longer a concept. It is no longer a far-fetched concept from sci-fi movies. It is now a reality. The market is flooded with smart appliances and devices of all shapes and sizes. Adding these devices in our homes is making our lives easier, more organized, and more manageable. And the best part is that you can control all these devices from anywhere. How convenient!

Smart home solutions are widespread today. The time isn’t far when every modern household has smart assistants and smartphones just like the amenities of power and the internet. Not only the contemporary automated home solutions are highly cost-effective, but they are also safe, simple, and user-friendly.

Best Smart Tools to Invest In

Your virtual assistant wakes you up with the song or music you set for it. It turns on all the smart lights in your home without you having to lift a finger. It can make morning coffee for you. Whilst you get ready, you can ask to dial any number from your smartphone. Your virtual assistance is also capable of finding numbers online and dialing them for you. For instance, it can dial Spectrum number even if it’s not saved in your phone. Isn’t it a whole other level of convenience!

Just like that, imagine handling an entire bunch of smart appliances and electronics from one central automation control hub. Even if you are not at home, you can control them remotely. You can control them through your voice assistant or apps. There are so many home automation devices in the market that you might feel a little overwhelmed while choosing what to invest in.

Let’s make it easy for you by shortlisting some of the most useful and practical smart tools.

1: Smart Lighting

Imagine you are about to doze off into deep sleep when suddenly you remember that you forgot to turn off the lights! Leaving that cozy bed and coming back to it only to find that insomnia has kicked in can be such a put-off. But guess what! You can free yourself from the frustration of turning on and off lights manually.

With a smart lighting system, you can control smart tube lights and LED bulbs effortlessly using a smart lighting system. All you need is a smartphone or smart assistant to turn the lights off and on. Plus, smart lighting eliminates the need for traditional sockets and switches. You can illuminate your abode and use outdoor-friendly smart lights, pathway lights, floodlights, step lights, spotlights, and so on. Based on your preferences, you can explore tons of options.

2: Smart Purifiers

The ever-increasing global warming and climate crisis are worsening the air quality by the day. No one wants to compromise on the health of their family and let them inhale dangerous and toxic air when they can avoid it. How? Keep your home clean, safe and hygienic by investing in a smart purifier.

These gadgets monitor the air quality inside your home and keep it clean. In case the air quality exceeds optimal levels, the smart purifier is also capable of sending alerts to the users on their smartphone apps. You can also regulate fan speeds using the air purifier.

3: Smart Cameras

Home security is a popular aspect of a smart home. Smart cameras come with a whole range of cutting-edge features to ensure enhanced security for your home. They also come with built-in sensors to recognize images. The fact that you can access all your security cameras 24/7 with smartphone apps offers a deep sense of security.

Furthermore, you can also control the movement of the cameras to view from different angles and monitor everything. Modern automated security solutions are comprehensive and feature-rich. They are more than just capturing images and recording footage. They have game-changing capabilities like motion detection, cloud storage, GPS, and more.

4: Smart Thermostat

You can conveniently control the ventilation, heating, and cooling of your home. Smart thermostats have made it easy and fun. They are capable of controlling your home’s temperature with accuracy and efficiency. Just like other smart tools, smart thermostats are conveniently connected with other IoT devices like smartphones, laptops, and smart assistants.

Moreover, these intelligent devices also come with built-in sensors to analyze and monitor the living patterns in homes. These self-learning capabilities allow them to adjust the ventilation, temperature, and air conditioning without supervision.

5: Smart Locks

Ever come back home in the middle of the night and find out that you have left your house keys inside the house? Imagine the level of frustration. Smart locks will free you from the need of locking your doors with a physical key. Smart locks are advanced keypads connected to apps via smartphones. You can control these smart accessories and open and close them with a click on your smartphone.

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