Lookah Seahorse Ceramic Coils

Ceramic coils for Lookah Seahorses ceramic coils and Lookah Seahorses Pros. Lookah has quartz or ceramic coils. Quartz coils are excellent for flavor, whereas ceramic coils produce more vapor. The food-grade ceramic coil enables you to vape concentrates straight from the container, making dabbing sessions simple and fast. These coils are exclusively for wax and concentrate.


Compatible with Lookah Seahorse Ceramic or Quartz Coil Options: 1.2 Ohm

How to prime a coil

To prime a coil, just moisten the wick with some vape juice before using it. The method varies somewhat for various models and coil kinds, but that’s coming up.

Why do I need to prime my coil?

If you don’t prime your coils, you’re probably asking why you should. You’ve been using your vaporizer without priming it, right? You can vape without priming your coil, but it’s not healthy for your atomizer. You’re also not getting the most out of your vape pen. For this, we need to know what a coil does and how it works. A coil is made of resistance wire wrapped in an absorbent substance (typically cotton). The wick fills with e-juice, which the wires quickly heat to form a vapor.

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How to prime a coil?

You should prime your vape coil every few weeks. Gradually priming a fresh coil helps the metal expand and contract when it is heated and cooled.

  1. Start using your vaping device with a fresh coil at a lower voltage than normal. Use it at the lower setting for 15-20 draws (not consecutively) before changing the voltage to your preference.
  2. Attach a pre-assembled coil to the bottom of your vape tank. There should be some exposed cotton on the coil’s side. 1–2 drops of your vape liquid on the wick.
  3. When gazing at the coil’s top, you should notice more exposed cotton. Replicate the procedure with the cotton on the side, but use no more than two drips. The following steps vary based on your device.
  4. If your vaporizer isn’t top-fill:
  5. Fill your tank with e-liquid first, then assemble your vape tank. Open the airflow now, but wait until the liquid has soaked into the wick fully. It should absorb and be ready to use in 10 to 15 minutes.

 Top-filling vape:

The procedure is very similar for non-top filling devices. Set up your tank right after putting the drops on the exposed cotton. Next, stop blowing and fill your tank. Reopen the airflow and let the e-liquid soak into the wick. This should take 10–15 minutes.

Priming a ceramic coil

Recent vaping trends suggest ceramic coils. Despite their growing popularity, people still struggle to properly prime them. So, if you’re new to ceramic or want to improve your atomizer’s performance.

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How to prime a ceramic coil:

  1. Priming using a metal coil is similar but not identical. The exposed cotton wick will vary depending on the coil. But, just like before, you’ll need to dribble e-liquid over the exposed cotton.
  2. Make sure you don’t oversaturate the wick with liquid. When the wick has absorbed all the liquid and the cotton is evenly saturated, you’ve put on enough.
  3. You’ll also need to prime any honeycomb-style intakes on the device’s bottom. Put a drop of e-liquid in each hole and let it soak. Now just fill it, assemble it, and wait.
  4. Like metal coils, wait 15 minutes before using. Unlike metal coils, that’s 15 minutes. Some ceramic coil enthusiasts recommend beginning a fresh coil before bedtime. It’s not required, but if your ceramic coil isn’t properly primed, it’s worth the additional weight.

Priming alternatives

Here are a few additional methods to prime your coil:


Before we go any further, it should be noted that the drumming technique should only be used on eGo-style devices, not 510-thread devices. It may harm the threads that hold your tank in place, so double check first. Regardless, priming with a drum is simple and enjoyable. Drumming is used to remove air bubbles and prime the coil with e-liquid. Shake your vaping device forward to prime your coil (think of the angle of drumsticks on a drum). Take a break and watch the bubbles rise. Stop when no more air bubbles emerge to avoid over priming.


The suction technique is more popular, even if the vape enthusiast isn’t using it to prime their coil. It saves time, therefore when vapers know to prime their coil, they win. To utilize suction, shut or cover your device’s air inlet. Then draw on the vaporizer as normal but don’t turn it on! It’s easy to overdo it using the suction technique, so don’t attempt to prime the coil in two drags. The vacuum created by suction while closing the air intake enables liquid to enter the coil.


The most essential reason to prime your coil is to have a better vaping experience. Be patient, no matter what technique you employ. Taking a few additional minutes may feel torturous when you’re desperate, but it will prevent you from having a burned coil that tastes bad (to put it kindly). You can also check how thoroughly primed your coil is without creating a mess or worse, damaging your vaping equipment.

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