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It would be hard to get more people to say that Lewis Hamilton is not doing well in the race. The four-time Formula One champion is not much older than the sport he has been involved in, in a way, since he was a boy, as he roams over it, like a kind of petrolhead god. To understand his success, you only need to look at the numbers. His Grand Prix victory figures are second only to top, behind only Michael Schumacher. He won his first World Cup with McLaren in 2008 and, having advanced to Mercedes, has won consecutive titles in 2014 and 2015 before taking his fourth title last year. According to statistics the most successful British driver in the history of motor racing, Hamilton holds the record for most career points, winning the most in various circuits, ever-winning goal positions and the Grand Slams (gain pole and quick lap, and lead) the whole race from start to finish) per season.

Lewis Hamilton Refuses to Miss the Issue

On Christmas Day last year, however, Hamilton’s sharp skills left him for a while. While we all opened presents, opened Champagne and wondered how we could get a ten-kilogram turkey in an oven built for a bird half its size, Hamilton took to Instagram to criticize his younger nephew for playing what he described as a “princess dress.”. “She’s very sad right now,” he appeared, scolding the boy, telling her, “The boys don’t wear princess dresses.” “I’m very sorry for my behavior, because I can see that it ‘s not acceptable for anyone, no matter where they are from, to look down on or to be like a person … I have always supported anyone who lives their life the way they want to. I wish I could be forgiven for this error. ”

As well as wanting Hamilton to deal with the matter, we wanted him to appear on our cover wearing something bright pink or something almost a skirt or dress. Earlier this year, when we found out that Hamilton was about to be appointed as Tommy Hilfiger’s ambassador, designing his own product line, we suggested the idea to Hilfiger himself. Not surprisingly, Hilfiger jumped at the chance, although Hamilton’s people were initially interested, worried that this would recur the story. As it was, when we suggested the idea to Hamilton himself, he fell in love with it and began to design his own kilt. He knew he had made a public mistake and wanted to publicly admit this, apparently empowering his nephew in the program.

At Vogue House we think of the cover as a powerful act of personal commitment, acknowledging Hamilton’s growing fashion sense, while publicly apologizing, the colorful tartan mea culpa. Hopefully this reinforces the fact that young boys can not only wear clothes, but also older boys can too.

Lewis Hamilton Hair and Makeup Discussion

MFH: When you run, you wear a hat, how do you deal with helmet fur? What do you do with your hair?

LH: Yeah, I tried really hard with my hair. Obviously I used to have it as the first number everywhere, it was very easy, but then I started to grow it. I had an afro and threw myself on the sides

MFH: And you went blonde?

LH: Yes, I became a blonde who killed my hair. It was a disaster. I think it was neat to do it for a while

But when you drive, a protective helmet hits your hair, so you don’t really have a hairstyle. When you go out, you sweat and your hair is dirty.

MFH: When you run, do you have any pre-race rituals or ways to dress? Should you drink a certain amount of water or use certain products?

LH: During the week, I drink a lot of water. During the race, we lose 2-4 pounds of fluid. Yesterday I lost 2 kilos in 2 hours. And you eat very little – salads and things like that.

Lewis Hamilton, The Fastest Man on Wheels

More than 400 million people worldwide watch the Formula One race on television, delighted with high-tech vehicles such as soft military jerseys shooting at a track with a speed of more than 200 m.p.h. And Hamilton is a big name in sports, a three-time champion with a host of famous friends who hail fans from races from Australia to Azerbaijan, from Monaco to Malaysia.

In the U.S., however, such recognition is rare. Formula One has 11 teams with two drivers each, supported by companies such as Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. With more than 20 races spread over eight months and five continents, teams compete for a builders’ competition, with each driver vying for the title. America hosts only one race a year, the Grand Prix in the autumn of Texas, and Formula One remains a thunderstorm after home rounds like NASCAR, not to mention the NFL, NBA and many other pro and college games. “A lot of people I meet in America ask me, ‘What is Formula One?'” Hamilton says before leaving his autograph session the day before the Austin race. “What, do you live in a shoe box? Haven’t you heard of it at least? “

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