Is There A Special License To Become A Skid Steer Loader In AU

Skid Loaders are exceptionally versatile earth moving equipment. They are also called Bobcats, named after one of the flourishing manufacturers of this machine. They come in various sizes and are primarily used for digging purposes. The requirement of a licence majorly depends on the purpose of usage and the project working with. They are also used for other tasks such as loading the trucks, site clean up, moving earth and many such tasks.  A skid steer loader course offers a statement of Attainment that confirms you have done the required training and are certified to operate a skid steer loader.

Work performed by a skid steer loader operator

A skid steer loader operator is responsible for performing numerous tasks such as loading trucks, spreading materials, turf preparation, digging trenches and holes, moving huge objects and jackhammering cement, A skilled commercial skid steer loader operator is also expected to do additional tasks that can make him more reliable is maintaining an accurate work log, conducting calculations based on earthworks, some construction sites also requires them to interpret drawing and sketches, grading and road sweeping. A proper skid steer loader course will ensure you are ready to perform all the tasks smoothly and without any difficulties.

Do you need a license in Australia to become a skid steer loader?

Officially there is no such hard and fast rule for holding a license. As per the Workplace health and safety act 2011, the government classified skid steer operations as low risk and thereafter holding a licence stopped being mandatory for operating a skid steer loader. In the field, when you go to look for jobs, even though the license is not important most people want a certification that proves your competency to operate a skid steer loader. This is a minimum requirement that the skid steer loader operator should be familiar with the specifics. In most places, they ask for run machine tests and also provide training before availing you to use it.

Here are some tips that you should consider before hiring a skid steer loader

  1. Assigning simple tasks

It is always preferable that you start with simple tasks to be able to properly showcase the skills and ensure they abide by your requirements.

  1. Budgeting more time

You should always budget more time for the completion of the tasks due to the uncertainty that they bring with them.

  1. Test their advanced knowledge

You might need only the basic functions, but checking the performance of the advanced tool as well can come in handy for future reference.

  1. Before operation

Before the final operation, you must familiarize yourself with the operations and tasks that need to be done.


A skid steer loader course can give you a piece of detailed information and expertise on your skills and how you can use those to become a skid steer loader in Australia without any licence. If you are an operator without a training certificate, you might have to provide lots of documents to prove your skills.

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