Is It Safe To Give CBD Oil For Dogs?

The rise of medical marijuana as an alternative medicine lately raises another question (read more). Is it safe to treat our pets with similar methods? Since we share similar health issues, can we treat them with our medicine?

Having a pet means being responsible for their wellbeing. That means, when you see your dog is having a health issue, the least you can do is to seek treatments for them.

Visiting the vet can be costly, and that still excludes the medical bills. That is why many owners choose to put them to sleep. The treatment requires both monetary, time, and energy commitment. That is why people start exploring the idea to use CBD for their pooch. If you’re thinking of purchasing the best CBD oil for your dog, visit CBDClinicals.com.

CBD As An Alternative Medicine For Pets

For a long time, there have been skeptics when it comes to medicines. Many people choose to keep using the prescribed medicine. There’s nothing wrong with such belief, but limiting the options will do you nothing good.

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between regular medical marijuana with CBD oil. Other than understanding the sources, you also need to understand that your dog doesn’t need THC. And you need to have enough knowledge of the available strains.

Medical marijuana comes in various forms, but those that your dogs can take are limited. You can give them cannabis-infused oil. But it can be very potent and may put them in danger. The same goes for giving them cannabis butter.

Gums are off-limit since it has artificial sweetener that is harmful to dogs. Brownies are also off-limit since it has chocolate that is also harmful to them.

Hope this will remind you next time you want to share your chocolate chip cookie with your pup.The main reason CBD for dogs is the top-notch versatility. You can use it as a topical, rubbing a drop or two on the dog’s joints or giving each droplet directly for ingestion. Most dogs may be averse to this due to the flavor, but there’s no harm in trying.

As you know, the cannabinoid is known for reducing pain and inflammations. And some dog breeds are very active and can be very easily injured. Don’t forget that dogs can be very good at disguising pain.

Most of the injuries happen internally. And you may not notice it until they start to be languid and less active or yelping in pain more often. By then, it’s probably already too late for them.

When your dog has cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, you can use CBD to lessen their pain. It may not cure cancer, but it will relieve their pain and give them a better life.

This treatment is also known for managing seizures. Most advocates are using the positive results of treating epilepsy on humans as prime examples. The underlying idea becomes the main reason for having the same treatment for dogs with seizures.

Probably in the future, there will be enough evidence that cannabinoid has the same effect on dogs with epilepsy that is resistant to conventional treatment. But to be fair, the research on humans is still restricted to some specific strains.

Is It Safe? What Is The Verdict So Far?

If you’re worried about your buddy, you can stop worrying now. There is a recent study by the College of Veterinary Studies at Cornell University, New York. The research focuses on using CBD oil as an alternative treatment for dogs with osteoarthritis (link: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2018.00165/full).

Most of these dogs are diagnosed with osteoarthritis at any age. The researchers focus on alternating the treatment with CBD and placebo oils with seeing if there’s any side effect and how effective the treatment is.

They are monitoring each subject for four weeks with two weeks of grace periods. The result is mainly positive. The researchers found that the pain is significantly decreasing for each subject. And the owner mentioned no side effects during the period. The same study also found that the most optimum dosage is at 2mg/kg.

Aware Of The Side Effects

Moreover, to experience how these products can benefit your dog, try it first hand and purchase it using coupons like Herb Approach coupon code. You sure have heard of the term cottonmouth. It’s a common occurrence among people who regularly smoke weed. And this occurrence can happen to your dog. It is because the reduction in saliva production is one of the side effects. Don’t forget that they may get high as well if you’re not being careful.

Your dog also may avoid the medicine altogether. This commonly happens when you choose to give the oil to ingest. This is because cannabinoids can be quite bitter. But you can’t use gums and brownies since they may contain harmful ingredients for your dogs.

There are still not a lot of studies dedicated to the side effects. But you still need to keep your guard up and be aware of their existence. Minimum chance means there is still a chance of happening.

When your dog is in obvious pain, you may want to explore all options. It’s not about cutting some corners, but knowing what is best and affordable for you. Keep in mind that your pooch wellbeing is your responsibility. And not everyone has the means to give them the best treatment that money can get.

So far, the studies on alternative treatment show a positive result. To some people, that is all they need to know. It’s okay if you still need more information. Hopefully, there will be more studies and research on giving CBD products to dogs.

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