Install More Secure Locks on Front Doors

There are many reasons individuals decide to upgrade their homes with electronic locks.

Some of the most typical reasons people opt for new digital locks include installing more secure locks on front doors, installing locks on multiple exterior doors, and upgrading existing locks that have become damaged or broken. If you are contemplating replacing your old lock with a new digital door lock in Singapore, these tips will help ensure that the new lock turns out perfectly.

1) Ensure That the Lock is Compatible With Your Door Type

Even though it seems like an easy solution, some homeowners make the mistake of purchasing a brand new locking system without checking first if it is compatible with their current door type (ex: An apartment renter who tries to use a standard key lock on their front door). Double-check that the new lock you purchase is compatible with your existing door type before purchasing.

2) Measure the Door Thickness

It’s important that you measure the door thickness before purchasing a digital door lock in Singapore because many locks on the market are specifically designed for certain thicknesses of doors. If you get a lock that is too large or small for your door, it will not fit and could end up being very frustrating.

3) Decide if You Want Keys or a Remote Control

When choosing between digital locks with keys or those with remote controls, think about how you would prefer to unlock your door. Some people find that keyless entry (unlocking a door with the push of a button) is easier. However, others may find it easier to simply have to use a key when entering their home because they are so used to being able to do so. If you are still unsure about which lock would work best for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I tend to be forgetful and misplace my keys often?
  • Does someone in my household need an extra set of keys? Then get a digital lock with remote control access (i.e., where additional codes/keys can be programmed onto the lock).
  • Would I feel more secure knowing that only one species had access to our house through their fingerprint or a personal code? If yes, get a lock with keyless entry and fingerprint scanning.

4) Choose the Right Finish

There are different finishes that a digital door lock in Singapore comes in so that they can match your door’s aesthetic. The finishes usually include brass, nickel, chrome, and black. You should also consider what type of material your door is made out of because some finishes may look better than others (ex: brass may look nicer on a wooden door rather than a metal door).

5) Get an Extra Set of Batteries

Locks that use batteries as their power source tend to run out of battery life faster than those which are plugged into an outlet. Make sure to purchase an extra set of batteries and store them in a safe place (i.e., not near the lock) so that you’re prepared when the battery runs low and needs to be replaced.

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