How to use Reddit upvotes for self-promotion?

Self-promotion is one of the main features if you are going to create your own brand, sell different goods or services, or just hold your own webinar. To gain profits from promotion on Reddit, you have to think of buying Reddit upvotes., being one of the most popular promotion services, provides its users with an option of buying upvotes. But you need to know about different nuances in this method of advertising. 

In this article, you will learn how to use Reddit upvotes for getting beneficial self-promotion, and many different methods of advertising yourself.

Two major methods of self-promotion

Self-promotion on Reddit is much more complicated, compared to other Reddit advertisement goals. First of all, buying Reddit upvotes is not the final goal in this complicated scheme. And the major issue might be faced when you are selecting the method of your promotion. 

The first method is self-promotion by yourself. This way, you have to create a Reddit account, which would be your main platform for speeches and messages. Buying an account will be a wrong decision, so you have to make up one of your own. At first, you have to learn different topics you are going to attend, in order to create a proper image of an experienced user. 

The second method used by many users is using other accounts to promote you. However, this is a kind of risk, because such posts have a higher risk of getting exposed as ones being paid for promotion, so be careful. 

Pros and cons of creating an image yourself

Creating an image yourself has both advantages and disadvantages. Choosing this method you have to be aware of them. 


  • Creating a direct channel of communication with your target audience;
  • Creating an image of a self-created project, who is brave enough to post messages itself;
  • Opportunity to catch the audience directly.


  • Negative comments from haters may be sent directly to you, which may create some moral issues when you only start promotion;
  • The requirement to buy upvotes on all the comments you post, even on discussion comments.

However, this method is much more preferred. 

Using other accounts to create your brand is less expensive, but also, a less effective method of audience attraction. 

How to use upvotes buying effectively? 

To use buying upvotes effectively, you have to strictly do a simple algorithm. This way, you will create a proper image for your target audience, and the self-promotion with buying upvotes will be successful and beneficial. 

  • Attend controversial topics with your opinion. This way, you will create an image of a person, who is ready to uphold your very own point of view, which would create more reliability in the eye of your potential viewer;
  • Use the help of different experts to make up your comments, to make your messages smart and clear for everyone;
  • Be ready to discuss with other members. Buy upvotes on your further messages to create a respectful image;
  • Don’t start with the promotion of your services. Build up a reliable image first. 

This way, you will be able to create a proper image of yourself, which would be more than just profitable later, and you will be able to use it for achieving your further goals.

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