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How to Promote Your eCommerce Store with Video Marketing

Videos have become an integral part of many businesses marketing strategies. Moreover, the latest cameras and online video editor tools have made producing good-quality promo videos easier than ever. While the ones who realized its power have already started to reap its rewards, those who still don’t use videos will have a harder time competing.  If you want to learn how to make a promo video for your eCommerce store, take a look at some of these ideas.

Video Ideas to Promote Your eCommerce Store

1.   Product videos

Videos can depict your products better than any picture or textual description. Product videos can make the buyer feel as if they’re holding the product themselves. When someone else is using the product, it helps people better understand the product’s quality and benefits.

2.   Client testimonials

Customers can be the biggest brand ambassadors for your brand. A good experience can lead to customers organically promoting your business and sharing their reviews.


Client testimonial videos are a great way of showing people’s trust in your brand and their experience as well. It gives confidence to first-time buyers as well and also improves your brand image.

3.   FAQs

Use FAQ or how-to videos to answer commonly asked questions related to the product or the brand. You can show how to assemble a product, how to use it, where to use it, and much more.  Making such videos will show that you care about your customer’s problems and are willing to help them out. It shows that your goal is not just to sell the product but also to help customers use it to its full potential.

4.   Email marketing

Millions of marketing emails are sent every day, but to make yours stand out, you need to do something creative and unique. Not all marketing emails should include videos. However, videos can be useful in emails about a new product or campaign, a message from the founder, or a short story regarding your business.

5.   Establish a connection

Take the “about us” page on your website to the next level with a short video. Explain why you decided to start the business, what was the motivation and how you aim to serve people. Share your journey with the customers to help them understand your brand better. People are more likely to trust brands that they feel an emotional connection with.

6.   Partner with influencers

Up to two-thirds of businesses work along with influencers or social media figures to market their products. Businesses can send their product as a PR package for the influencers to review in a video. You can post that video on your website, or the influencers can share it on their social media accounts.


People are more likely to buy something that is endorsed by their favorite celebrities or influencers. This gives you extra credibility and leads to more sales and traffic.

7.   Behind the scenes

Show the audience why your products are unique, what makes them authentic. The behind-the-scenes videos are meant to show the customers how the products are made. They are a great way of showing how much effort you put into each and every product.

How to Make a Marketing Video?

●    Select a product

It might not be feasible to create a marketing video for all your products, so choose one that gives an edge to your business. It could be a best-selling product, a newly launched one, or the one that most customers are confused about. You can also choose a product that leads to more ROI in terms of profit.

●    Make a plan

Once the product is chosen, come up with a roadmap on how to make the video, what features to target and how to depict them, so they’re easy to understand. Show something that the viewers would want to see, and that will prompt them to buy the product.


Planning also includes the color scheme, type of music, and editing that will be done for the video. So try to make a plan that is suitable for your brand, online platforms, and the type of product you’re promoting.

●    Record the video

Once the plan is complete, the next step is to record the footage. Keep in mind that a great camera is not what makes the video great; rather, it is how you shoot the video.


Ensure that the framing, lighting, and composition are perfect in every shot you take. For even lighting, you can also use a ring light. Keep a steady hand while recording, or better use a camera tripod.

●    Use an online video editor.

Online video editors are easy to use and offer great flexibility and features. Even if you don’t have experience in video editing, you can easily work with this software. You can easily customize the video by adding background music, sound effects, transitions, and color grading. Many online video editors also offer a library of royalty-free music and footage you can use in your videos.

Where to Post the Ads?


●    Social media

No online advertising is complete without social media. Because most people use social media for reviews and product details, there is a better chance of your ads reaching a wider audience. With promotional videos, you can develop a connection with the customers and prompt users to visit your eCommerce website.

●    Your website

The home page of your eCommerce website is a great place to add the marketing video. You can also add it to the about us page and describe the goal and working criteria of your business. Additionally, you can add a short video of each product on its page. This can be a good way of showing customers what they will be receiving and what to expect from the product.


Parting Words


The online market is full of promotional videos and other content. Standing out from the crowd is not as easy as it may seem, but you can’t ignore the importance of the latest marketing strategies.

Video marketing is only going to become more popular in the upcoming years. There is a video range of possibilities to use videos in your eCommerce business promotion.

With the right ideas and creative mindset, you can not only promote the business but also gain loyal customers. We are living in an era of powerful tools and software that have made everything much simpler. No matter how skilled you are, you can create powerful videos with a few clicks on online video editors like Promo.

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