How To Maximize the Space of Your Food Truck Business?

Not all food business owners have a large capital to build their commercial establishments or even pay a huge sum of money for the rental costs.  Knowing this, some entrepreneurs don’t have the capability to give their chefs a large kitchen space where they can create their dishes. If you are one of them, you might want to consider putting a food truck business instead.

Working in a food truck is challenging since it has a very tight space but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. By following the ways below, you can optimize the small space of your food truck allowing your employees to be productive and efficient.

1.  Create the right kitchen layout


The key to maximize the available space of the truck is to create the right kitchen layout. Before you put any appliances, functional luxury furniture, and home decorations, you have to keep in mind how you can arrange them accordingly. For instance, you have to put the prep station and refrigerator close to each other so that your chefs will not run back and forth which may cram the space even more. Aside from that, make sure that everything needed for cooking like kitchen tools, serving vessels, and plates are within reach by your chef to save him from moving around in the tight space.

2.  Create a small menu


Since your food truck business doesn’t have the luxury of space, you might not be able to have storage space for all your ingredients. One way to address this problem is to create only a small menu. It will also lessen your food costs since the option of buying in bulk quantities is not available. By having a small menu, you can save on costs and storage space which every food truck owner wants to experience. You can add home decorations on your menu lists so it can look appealing and appear like you offer more food than you actually do.

3.  Maximize storage space

Having a food truck with too limited space means you have to install storage wherever you can. The most recommended type of space-saving options is storage bins and stackable bowls. You might also consider building shelves on the open wall or hang down storage from the ceiling to maximize space without affecting your production flow. Make sure that the mounted shelves are not too large and wide that can prohibit your worker from working efficiently. To add a touch of color, you can display several home decorations like artworks.

4.  Home decorations for your food truck

For you to create a conducive working environment, you have to decorate the food truck the right way. You should avoid making it appear too boring not only for your workers but also to encourage more people to buy from you. When purchasing home decorations for your food truck, you have to consider their sizes. The home decorations should not make your kitchen smaller so avoid selecting those with incredibly large sizes. Aside from the size, you should also prefer multi-purpose home decorations. There are home decorations that can function in more ways than they may have been created for so you might want to take advantage of them. Lastly, you have to match the design of your home decorations with your kitchen equipment and layout.

5.  Only purchase equipment that is absolutely needed

When purchasing pieces of equipment for your food truck business, you have to first think of if they can contribute value to your business. If they can’t, then it is a sign to not push through with your plan of buying them. Only consider those items that are absolutely needed in your kitchen space. With their absence, your business will not be able to operate. Instead of buying bulky equipment, it is best to purchase small ones so that the saved space can be used for other important appliances.

In a Nutshell            

If you finally saved enough money for your food truck business, now is the time to build it. In order to make it appear larger and less cramped than it actually is, you have to follow the simple ways listed above. You only have to be creative to maximize the limited space.

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