How To Get A Better Life Quality

Letting luxury feelings move into your home is much easier than you think. Four interior design tricks will even increase your quality of life so you can better enjoy

Currently, we love nothing more than aesthetic, affordable and practical interior trends. Our own four walls are our oasis of well-being and in 2023 we have developed a new mindset: We’re allowed to treat ourselves to something, so that our living room, bedroom and co feel a little more like luxury. After all, when we feel like a million bucks in our surroundings, it’s well known that this also increases the quality of life! You’ll be surprised that you can give your home a luxury kick with four simple interior tips. And don’t forget: Quality is more important than quantity!


  1. multifunctional furniture

City apartment rents are getting more and more expensive – and their square footage is getting smaller. That makes it all the more important that each of your furniture pieces doesn’t just have a single function – but can be used for multiple purposes at once. This saves space and, at the end of the day, cash! In most households, the living room also serves as a study. So get a height-adjustable table, for example, that can double as a coffee table and a desk!

  1. cream colored decoration

We can’t get around the trend color beige in 2022, nor in 2023. The reason? The simple, muted and soothing tone is completely timeless! Cream and sand tones harmonize wonderfully with your other decorative items. It looks especially noble if your basic furnishings are kept in shades of beige and you set selective accents with strong colors such as pink or green.

  1. natural materials

Natural-looking decoration soothes the eye and the soul. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and use as many natural materials as possible in your home! Textiles made of linen, cotton, jute or hemp make us breathe easy and feel at home. Also, you can beautifully showcase pampas grass, dried flowers or woven baskets with this trend.

  1. DIY items

When it comes to home decor, our motto for 2023 is clearly: do it yourself! Don’t be afraid to try new things and sew, knit and potter away for all you’re worth. We simply don’t have room for perfect, flawless decor anymore. Asymmetrical, lopsided vases have so much more charm anyway!


Our home should be a cozy place where we feel completely comfortable. Of course, the furnishings can be stylish and trendy, but the feel-good factor should not suffer from the interior design. But what actually makes a cozy apartment? 


  1. warm light

Warm light sources are the first step to more coziness. A mix of different light sources is especially nice, for example a floor lamp and several table lamps. This has a much more pleasant effect than a glaring ceiling lamp. When buying light bulbs for warm light, simply make sure that the bulb is at 2,500 to 3,300 Kelvin.

  1. neutral colors

Special wall colors like green or blue look great, but for ultimate coziness, go for a neutral/earthy color palette. Dark tones can quickly make a room look smaller and even create a negative mood in some cases. Beige, coffee tones and light taupe, on the other hand, will make your home feel cozy and provide peace and relaxation.

  1. decoration with a personal touch

To make your home completely your place of well-being, you should not chase the trends, but bring your own touch to the decor. Memorabilia or pieces with special meaning have much more character than purchased decoration. Just keep your eyes open while on vacation and add an individual touch to your home with vases or special candle holders.

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