How Does A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Work?

When attempting to enter a dual diagnosis center, you should know what makes them different from other centers. In a regular treatment center, such as one that treats alcohol, that is all they treat. The same is true with drug centers. However, if you are addicted to drugs and have a mental problem, you need a place that deals with both. Suffering from both makes treatment more complex which means that you need a level of care that is not found in other avenues that you will find.

An Individualized Plan For Each Patient

When you come to a dual diagnosis center, you will see that each person has an individualized plan. No two people have the exact same depression symptoms. As a result, the team at the center will work with you to find the proper diagnosis so that you can begin to get healthier. The first thing that the center will look at is the criteria that help them analyze what mental condition you are dealing with, and they dig deeper to find the answers as to why you are suffering.

What You Can Expect With Dual Diagnosis Treatment

You will find that dual diagnosis treatment offers specialists who are experts in mental health and substance abuse. The team works together in order to give you the best experience possible while guiding you away from the dangers you’ve been abusing yourself with. You will also find that your family is involved, and this is because the center will understand that your family dynamic is a large and crucial part of why you do what you do and how it changes your mental outlook.

Your Length Of Stay

Dual diagnosis patients are hard to diagnose because there are so many different areas that you could be affected by. For example, you could have a mood disorder, a psychiatric disorder, and things of that nature. As they are all different, you will find that determining where you stand will take a moment. That, in turn, will help the staff determine how long you need to stay. What patients need to remember is that this isn’t a short-term solution. These centers look at the long haul so they can help you. You should expect at least six months or longer here. Many severe cases, however, can spend a year or longer here.

Why It Works                  

The reason that dual diagnosis treatment works is that the center understands one crucial thing. Your mental condition, whatever it is, has an impact on what you do and why you do it. When you suffer from anxiety, for example, you will find that you may abuse drugs to quiet that anxiety. If you go to a regular treatment center, they will treat the drug abuse but not the anxiety. The problem with that is the mental disorder (in this example), which is why you started this problem in the first place. Therefore, taking care of the drug abuse alone wouldn’t fix your problem. You need to address how the mental disorder affects you and your health before healing completely.

Getting Help Is The First Step

When you are ready to get the help you need, remember that the first step is a brave choice, and you should feel proud of yourself. It is not easy to look for help, but a dual diagnosis center can help ensure that you get the mental and physical support you need. That will ensure that you have the best service in avoiding relapsing in the future, and you can have a healthier and more peaceful outlook on your life.

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