HBAR and Cardano Price Prediction for 2022-2030

Cryptocurrencies can be very profitable investment vehicles. However, to succeed in the crypto space as an investor, you should be adequately informed about the digital coin you want to invest in. Otherwise, you risk losing your investment. Cryptocurrencies suffer from extreme volatility, leading to enormous gains or massive losses.

When you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to select promising coins to minimize risks. Sometimes, the historical performance of a coin is a good indication. However, many factors can affect the future value of a cryptocurrency. Therefore, historical performance is not enough to make a good decision.

In addition to historical data, you should consult price predictions to get a better picture of the future performance of a cryptocurrency. Reliable forecasts are difficult to find. So, to assist your decision-making, we present the price predictions for two promising cryptocurrencies:

  • Hedera (HBAR)
  • Cardano (ADA)

These predictions summarize forecasts from crypto experts working for reputable sources.

Hedera (HBAR) Price Prediction for 2022-2030

Before discussing our HBAR price prediction, we briefly describe the Hedera network. Formally known as Hedera Hashgraph, this public network supports the creation of decentralized applications (DApps). The remarkable feature of this network is the hashgraph distributed ledger technology, which has been demonstrated to be better than traditional blockchain technology in several aspects.

The native token of the Hedera network, HBAR, is used for payments and smart contracts. The initial coin offering for the HBAR token occurred in August 2018. However, this digital asset did not have a good performance before 2021. In fact, HBAR set its all-time high on September 16, 2021, at $0.5701. As of the first week of March 2022, the HBAR value is around $0.21. However, this price could increase to $2.5 in the year’s first half. By the end of 2022, this token would trade at approximately $2.0.

Hedera will likely establish new partnerships the following year. As a result, new developments and services will be available. Therefore, analysts believe these changes will boost the HBAR price in 2023. Accordingly, this token would trade at approximately $4.0 by the end of 2023. In 2025, the HBAR price will soar to $7.0 and even $7.5. This bullish trend will continue for a few more years. So, the HBAR token will likely trade at $8.0 in 2030.

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction for 2022-2030

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain, improving security and functionality compared to previous cryptocurrencies. The Cardano services compete with Ethereum’s. Because of its technical superiority, many consider Cardano as a potential Ethereum killer. Its cryptocurrency, ADA, ranks among the most valuable coins by market capitalization. Below, we discuss ADA price forecasts briefly, starting with 2022 and ending with a Cardano 2030 prediction.

The all-time high ADA price was set on September 2, 2021, at $3.10. In the first week of March 2022, ADA trades at around $0.84. Some experts believe that ADA would set a new all-time high in 2022, crossing the $4 line. Others are more conservative and expect the ADA price to be between $3.10 and $3.240 by the end of the year.

Some analysts believe the ADA price could soar to $10 in 2024. Others think it will occur in 2025. For example, experts with Wallet Investor forecast an average ADA price of $12.169 in 2025. They do not rule out the possibility of a maximum of $14.507. In the long run, ADA will gain more value, resulting in a minimum price of $93 in 2030. The ADA price could soar to $111 by the end of 2030.