Hack the system: Three Neurohacking tricks that Turn On the Brain to the Fullest

People are more and more wondering how to achieve their goals easier, faster and more efficiently. Recent discoveries in the field of neurophysiology help to better understand the features of the brain and how we can use them. Based on this knowledge, a technique such as neurohacking was developed. Let’s see how this works.

Every person wants to be successful; this is inherent in our biological program. But there is not a single successful person who would have a bad memory. A good memory is a key success factor, and it makes sense to develop your memory skills. Moreover, it is enough to master the system of basic neuro hacks, and you will already be in the lead, ahead of others by half a step. These or other “techniques” were known before, but modern neurophysiology has given the answer why and how it works. In recent years, science has literally turned all ideas about how our thinking works. 

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Neurohack 1: Think in Pictures

According to statistics, 90% of all people are visuals, and this is proven, for example, by the famous experiment of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The participants were shown 2,000 pictures, and after that the pictures began to be shown mixed up: both those that were previously and those that were not. Participants recognized familiar pictures by pressing a button, the percentage of recognized pictures was 98. 

This experiment excited the entire community of neurophysiologists. After that, a global experiment was conducted in which people were already shown 10,000 pictures. The percentage recognized was the same. We are very good at remembering what we have seen, and the best way is to imagine what needs to be remembered in the form of some kind of image.

Neurohack 2. Complete the Puzzle

One more experiment can help to understand the essence of neurohacking. 

For Swedish students, the issue of rented apartments is very relevant (there are no dormitories there), and psychologists set the task for three groups of young people to choose housing according to 9 proposed parameters. The first was asked to make a decision immediately after reading the list. The second group was given five minutes to think. The third one had to solve a complex mathematical problem within the same five minutes. And it was in it that students were able to make the best choice. 

When you study something, you must concentrate. The neural connections that result are very closely spaced because you are focusing on a narrow topic. But in order for the topic to pass into long-term memory, you need to stop concentrating and change the type of activity. In an experiment with Swedish students, this is exactly what worked: they distracted their minds from a busy task, and the brain solved this task more efficiently. That is, when you switch attention, what you downloaded at the moment of concentration is consolidated, loaded into long-term memory, and you can see the picture of the world as a whole: how this narrow part that you worked on or tried to remember is connected with everything else. 

The strict geometric structure of Barcelona, conceived by the architects, cannot be seen walking along its streets. Only from a bird’s eye view, or from the mountains that surround the city. From the sleeping areas located in the mountains, a stunning panorama of the architectural masterpiece opens up. And in order to see your subject “from a bird’s eye view”, so that it becomes more understandable for you, you must also “rise” above it, that is, turn off your consciousness for a while, let your brain work, and it will show you this picture.

Neurohack 3. Go Back to Basics 

According to statistics, 93% of people do not know the location of the planets of the solar system. If they are told that “a spaceship has gone from Earth to Venus,” their brain will not know in which direction this ship flew in relation to the Sun, and what to do with this information. He will twist it this way and that, and throw it with irritation. But if you remember the short sequence: 

Mercury – Venus – Earth – Mars, everything will be much easier. 

Most people do not remember the sequence of the planets precisely because there are more than 4 of them. Because of this, all information related to the solar system cannot be kept in our head. But if you take just a few minutes to lay down this base, repeat it several times, then everything else will easily fall on it. Now imagine how a spaceship went from Earth to Venus. Is it clear to you that it flies towards the Sun, and not away from it? 

And this happens in any field: if you have not mastered the basic concepts, everything will fall apart for you. Go back to the basics, walk through them so that the consciousness does not participate and does not strain at the same time, and everything else will fall into place by itself. 

If you choose to study a course, then you must complete it from beginning to end, without being distracted by others. After that, you can move on to learning something new, generally from a different field. The information you received from the first area will fit very well with and complement the new one. Our Universe is multidimensional, and in order to see the full picture, you need to know a lot, but do not dump everything at once into one boiler. 

There are other tricks to make your brain work at its fullest, but these three ones are the basics. Now go train your amazing abilities!

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