Give a friend access to VR with the Oculus Quest 1

VR is one of the hottest new trends in gaming, but not everyone is able to purchase a headset due to cost. Oculus Quest 1 is a new headset that includes access to games and 360˚ videos released by Oculus so it will be perfect for gifting someone who already owns one of their headsets. In today’s day and age, everyone is using technology to stay connected with friends and family members. With the new oculus quest 1 & rift s prescription lenses, you can finally have a VR experience that anyone can enjoy! 

What is the Oculus Quest 1?

The Oculus Quest 1 is a sleek and contemporary stand-alone headset with seven sensors, complete compatibility with your existing hardware and software, high-quality visuals and unmatched portability. The Oculus Quest 1 is a standalone VR headset that allows users to leave the PC behind by working off of its own battery. The resolution and features on this device are noticeably higher than in earlier versions. It even boasts a five-degree-of-freedom sensor (aka 360-degree tracking) that is accurate enough to “virtually sit” at home with friends no matter what corner of your living room.

How to Gift a Friend an Oculus Quest 1

It’s never too late to start giving your friends or family members a glimpse into the world of virtual reality. At Oculus, we don’t want to deprive any more people of experiencing this life-changing technology and that’s why we are excited about the new Oculus Quest 1. It includes USB ports for controllers and lets you share the experience with up to three friends in VR together–all at a fraction of the cost of PC-based VR setups.

Setting up the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest requires some setup, but it is not as complicated or technical. The first thing to do is download the Oculus app. From there, you’ll get started on a 5-minute tutorial, which will walk you through connecting the Oculus Quest to your computer and show you how to grip it. Many people have had difficulty sticking their hands into the front of their headsets, so this part should be easy. After that, it’s just an easy connection to syncing everything up and walking you through doing some practice without the headset.

The Oculus Quest fits comfortably on top of your head, so you won’t be contending with flakes of adhesive over your eyes that often- leading to a lot less irritation from either wearing contacts or glasses.

Guided Tours in VR

The Oculus Quest is a new virtual reality headset. The Quest is versatile because it is equipped with both gesture-controlled controllers and external cameras that work with the Oculus app. The device also has built-in wireless technology and connections for your phone, making it compatible with several top headsets. One of these features is “guided tours”. This feature enables those unfamiliar with VR to have the option to have a guided tour through an area in VR or show their quest to someone in real life through Wifi when they see the screen on the Quest or talk through an Oculus phone headset.

The future of VR games

The future of the industry is exciting because gamers, who are prime users, can experience all of their favourite games with just one headset and make sure it’s built for playing in a VR setting. As a hardcore gamer, video games aren’t exactly at the top of my priority list – but I will be very interested to put on an Oculus Quest to see how that experience compares.

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