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Hair extensions were invented in around 3400 BC and since then, these were like the most wanted beautification product. This is because hair extensions extend your hair length, mix with your hair and improve your hair color, never get damaged by dirt or anything. In fact, you can wash or refresh your hair extensions easily by just combing them and oiling them regularly. But since there were hair extensions, the need for a hair packaging boxes also emerged. People would want to pack their hair extensions in a safe, protective, and sturdy packaging box so that their hair extensions stay strong, healthy, and in shape, and their colors stay the same as people buy them.

Why hair extension packaging boxes?

Hair extensions are very fragile products because they get damaged, de-shaped, ripped-off, and even sometimes curls show up in dead hair. But since hair extension packaging boxes are now available, you should be aware of it that they keep your hair straight or in place and shape, never let them get damaged, broken, or de-shaped.

These hair extension packaging boxesdon’t let the dirt and impurities get to your hair extensions.

Customization styles

Hair extensions are of different types and shapes. Therefore, they need to be packed inside the boxes that are specially made for them. Hence (Packaging Boxes Pro) makes custom hair extension packaging boxes in pillow shape, pocket shape, window cut in the box, logo boxes, and foldable boxes.


You get all the color combinations and color schemes at (Packaging Boxes Pro). Whether it’s CMYK, PMS, or double PMS. It is even possible for you to get custom hair extension boxes with no printing. People actually love the no-printing style because it gives a unique and effective marketing essence.


In order to make outstanding packaging boxes, their material is one of the main things that people want to know more about. These days, the packaging boxes industry is emerging, and businesses are moving towards the recyclable, reusable, and bio-degradable packaging material that does not harm the environment at all. Hair extension boxes are in-demand and have been in demand for the longest time.

The material (Packaging Boxes Pro) offers to their customers is:

  • 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb)
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • E-flute Corrugated
  • Bux Board
  • Cardstock

All these material options are available with the following finishing styles.

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss AQ
  • Gloss UV
  • Matte UV
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Foiling

How do hair extension packaging boxes affect your marketing strategy?

When you order hair packaging boxes from (Packaging Boxes Pro), they give you additional services as a complementary affection. One of their main services that people love is their marketing strategies help that they have gained experience in for years. This way, you get help to spread your words through marketing easily by just word of mouth. Additionally, there are different hair packaging box ideas that you may have never seen before. They have a proper team that designs the packaging boxes that appeal to the target audience.

And using the right color scheme, design ideas, and appealing visuals on the packaging boxes you will be enjoying your fate.


Packaging boxes overall are the best thing that you can do with your brand. There is no better way to turn your sales in other than the packaging boxes. Now, hair extension packaging boxes are usually a great tool for anyone who is interested in becoming a unicorn business as a startup.

Still having questions, ask (Packaging Boxes Pro) to get your valuable questions answered immediately.

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