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Garage door repair and maintenance

Different parts in the garage door require maintenance over time. If you park your car in a garage, open and shut it correctly at least once daily so you can get to work, drop off the kids at school, or run errands.

To extend the lifespan of your garage, you’ll need to perform garage door maintenance and repair sometimes.

To keep you and your property safe, it’s best to bring in professionals even though you might be able to solve some garage door issues yourself. To choose when to DIY a garage door project and when to hire a professional, use the following advice.

Garage door repair or replacement cost breakdown

A broken garage door can be annoying, and occasionally it can endanger the safety of your home. There are numerous potential problems with garage doors, some of which suggest that the door needs to be replaced while others might be fixed with a new component.

Contact a Lansing-area expert in garage door repair and replacement if your garage door is acting up.

Any home repair has a range of costs, and garage doors are no exception. However, knowing the listed costs you might notice on a repair estimate aids in your comprehension of the precise repairs to your garage door.


Plan an examination with a reliable local garage door installation professional as the first step. The door, all of its mechanical parts, such as the springs, opener strengthening brackets, the rollers and struts, and the weather seals on the jambs, should all be inspected.

A garage door has a service life of 10 to 20 years, but the springs may need to be replaced considerably sooner. You must also replace the garage cables if they are damaged.


The specialist, upon inspection completion, should give a garage door repair quote. Each repair should be divided down into its parts, labor expenses, and any additional fees like weather sealing.

The cost of new garage doors will vary because they are available in numerous designs and features. Before approving the installation, please find out about any service guarantees and have them in writing.


There may be a price for removing and hauling away the old garage door if the inspection reveals you need a new one.

An old garage door must be removed to make room for a new one because installing a garage door requires a lot of labor. In the Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo regions, several garage door installation businesses also recycle the old garage door.

A few garage doors feature just one spring, while others have two. If the springs need to be replaced, the metal cables connecting the springs will also need to be replaced, which will probably increase labor costs.

You might be able to avoid spending as much money on a brand-new door if only a replacement panel is placed to repair a broken garage door panel

If the replacement firm doesn’t carry your brand of garage door model, the panel will likely need to be obtained from the manufacturer or a supplier who carries that line of garage doors.

Find out if additional costs will be incurred in addition to the panel, such as shipping costs, costs for replacement parts, color matching, and service fees.

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