Follow These English Essay Writing Tips for Best Results

Many students may find it challenging to secure good marks in writing essays. Not only in schools and universities, having a good command over writing has become necessarily important almost everywhere. 

If you are one of those individuals who want to brush up their essay writing skills and take your writing to the next level, then consider trying out these easy writing tips for achieving the best results:

  • Strengthen your vocabulary

There is a strong relationship between writing a good essay and building a strong vocabulary. Using the right set of words will not only leave a lasting impact on your readers but will also give a new life to your write-up. You can start with jotting down at least 8-10 new words (along with their meanings) in your notebook or notes app every day and practice those words in your day-to-day conversations for better results.

  • Include credible links in your work

Before you start working on your topic, prioritize doing your research from credible websites. However, merely using a credible source may not help if you don’t provide any reference. This means if you’re using data or statistics from a journal, research paper, etc., add the link either at the end or within your piece. 

  • Create a skeleton outline

After completing your research, we understand that you might be all prepped up to work on your essay. However, we’d suggest not to rush into writing right away. Investing some time in creating the outline will help you create a sequential order of things you want to talk about. Further, it will minimize your chances of not including any crucial heading(s) in your essay and make your content flow smoothly.

  • Start your article with a bang

The way you start your essay can influence the amount of time a person may spend reading your content. Some of the best ways to grab your reader’s attention include quoting numbers or stats in the first few sentences, asking questions that readers may relate to, and using a powerful quote. To create a stronger impact, you can also add a personal story that readers can connect to. 

  • Make your content engaging

If you follow all of the above tips when writing your article but don’t make it engaging enough, your reader(s) won’t be thrilled reading it. So, what makes your essay conversational? You can make your piece engaging and valuable by referring your readers at least a couple of times with ‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘your’, etc. This will build a relationship between your reader and you and will further remind them that the essay has been created keeping them in mind.

  • Follow a clear sentence structure

When writing an essay, make sure to share your ideas or thoughts with your reader(s) in a clear manner. Even if that means keeping your sentences short and crisp, go for it. Besides, avoiding big walls of text and separating your content into small paragraphs can help you score some brownie points. Not only does it help the reader in scanning and skimming through your content quickly, but it also increases the readability of your content.

  • Proofread your essay

Most people underestimate the essence of editing and proofreading their content. This is the very last step involved in the process of writing. Yes, you’re not actually done once you write that last word of your essay. 

You will be required to run a second eye on your content to spot any grammatical errors, improper sentence structures, formatting mistakes, etc. One of the best techniques is to read your content out loud. This will help you identify anything that doesn’t sound natural or has a scope of improvement. To make your piece 100% free of errors, you can ask your partner, friend, or your parents to read your work. 

  • Say no to plagiarism

Sometimes, you may feel tempted to copy and paste at least a certain sentence to your article to make it look more glamorous. However, if you don’t quote the author’s name or rephrase the content in your own words, it will make your content look plagiarized. 

Of course, if your professor is marking your article, seeing plagiarized content will be a turn-off for them and will reduce your score. In worst situations, your article may be completely rejected, or you may have to incur a penalty. So, either provide a reference or use it as an inspiration to develop your own thoughts. 

If you are still stuck in any unwanted situation or don’t have enough time to write a well-researched essay, then you may also explore the best essay writing service online.

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