Fireplaces Purchase Tips

Today, there are various heating systems you can have in your home. Many factors will influence your choice, and certainly the most important is the space you want to heat, as well as the costs. Of course, let’s not forget either the aesthetics or the type of fuel you will use.

If the aesthetic moment is as important to you as the functionality of the heating element, you may want to consider fireplaces on sale and give your room a touch of elegancy. They are attractive and affordable. Depending on the model you choose, these units can bring you significant savings on monthly bills. Plus, they give your living space warmth and make it what it should be – a home.

Variety of Models

The most common fuels for fireplaces are wood, wood products (pellets), gas, and electricity. The prices, dimensions, and designs of these heating elements can vary. Also, essential factors of the fuel choice are their prices and availability in your area. What all models have in common is that they require professional installation.

Gas fireplaces need a gas pipeline, which unfortunately is not always and everywhere available. In the absence of these set-ups, you might use gas cylinders, but only in smaller rooms and with great caution due to fumes. These heating units can be built-in or portable and are usually the cheapest ones.

Electric fireplaces are actually ordinary heaters designed as traditional wood-burning ones. Light bulbs inside these units simulate a burning fire and lumber. The absence of a real flame makes them relatively safe, but in large rooms, you can’t use them as the main heat source. Still, if you need a touch of luxury in your room, electric models are the right thing for you.

If you have a spacious room that is not easy to heat, stoves that use pellets or firewood will do the best job. They can be open or closed, and each is suitable for a specific type of energy source. If you use wood, it’s better to have an open firebox for easy log insertion. But closed fireboxes are more energy-efficient and safer since they prevent the activity of open flames.

Space Requirements

The choice of fireplace model that will decorate and heat your living space will mostly depend on the room size and design. You have to think about these two factors because the installation of this heating element will probably require some space adaptations. You must know whether these are feasible at all.

For example, apartments often don’t have the large chimneys needed for wood-burning fireplaces. Then a gas or electric model is a better choice, depending on which energy source pays off more. If you lack space, you can opt for models that can be wall-inserted or hung.

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Heating Power

Buying a fireplace can be a worthy investment whether you think of it as an additional or main heating unit. It can also be an excellent decor item that enhances the look of your room and creates a pleasant environment for hanging out with your loved ones. So you must know your needs before opting for a fireplace model.

When it comes to heating, you need about one kW of heating power for 100 ft² of the surface. This parameter is clearly stated for every fireplace, but it’s not set in stone. You have to consider things like location, room insulation, flooring, quality of carpentry, etc. Make sure you do the proper calculation, especially if you think of getting a fireplace as the primary heating source.

Particular Requirements

Today, fireplaces come in a variety of materials and designs. But regardless of their size and functionality, they can never be the primary heating element for all rooms in your house. So you can have separate fireplaces for the living room and bedroom and additional heating sources for other premises.

For wood-burning fireplaces, installation is recommended when building a house, while subsequent placement can be tricky. Still, that’s nothing that seasoned installers can’t do. They can even help you with updating an existing firebox by improving its efficiency or safety. Gas and electric fireplaces can be installed anytime.

Also, you can choose between open or closed fireplaces. This mainly applies to wood-burning stoves. The first one is not very cost-effective, given the low thermal efficiency. But it’s very decorative. If heating is your priority, you will opt for another option. Closed furnaces need less fuel than open ones and are safer, but they have more demanding maintenance. More about it read on this source.

Nowadays, you can find fireplaces for all spaces adapted to different interior styles. You can have them in your hall, bedroom, or even in a garage. The key is to choose the suitable model for a designated space that will fit both your needs and budget.

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