The face cutout tool is an interesting feature to cut a specific part from an image and use it for different purposes. It’s a popular feature these days because people love using photo editing techniques at various events. People use a cutout of a face and print it for events or parties for fun. For example,  people can also add a stick to it and  then the cheering squad can hold big head signs to cheer the team they support.

Therefore, people look for easy-to-use software programs to apply this feature to their photographs.It should be noted that there are a large number of photo editing software and applications in the market these days. But not all such apps provide tools to create customized big head photos for the users. Keep reading the article thoroughly to learn various editing features which you can apply to your photographs.

Why do people try the cutout photo feature?

Are you looking for any software program to apply the cutout photo feature? Then is the best option to try because of the following reasons:

  • You can customize any portrait photos to create big head face cutouts.
  • Use the results on T-shirts, mugs, key chains, or phone cases. It’s a great tool for Print-On-Demand services
  • People also use customized cutout portraits at various events such as birthday parties, graduation parties and so on by printing standing big head posters!
  • You can even create pet cutouts to give your lovely companions a fun ID photo.

How to apply the face cutout feature?

Let’s discuss some of the easy ways to use the face cutout feature in the following:

  • Open the software application you’ve chosen for the photo cutout application
  • Upload the image which you want to cut
  • Choose the option of a cutout from the tools and features
  • Select any template or design accordingly
  • Crop the image and select the parts which you want to cut
  • Also, use the eraser tool to clear unnecessary parts
  • You can also swap this cutout photo with any other image

Why use

This website is using AI to help photo editing and they have various tools such as Image Background Remover, Video Background Remover, Photo Retouch, Photo Enhancer, Cartoonizer, Photo Animer to animate photos, Passport Photo Maker, Photo Colorizer, Photo Background Blur, etc.

They have free downloads, which offer low-resolution results, but some people find free ones are already up to the test. Even when you have to pay for HD results, their price is much cheaper than!

They have web app, mobile apps, desktop app, Shopify plugins, and API, serving not just individuals but businesses. Also , another trick is to share it with others on social media, you will get free credits when someone signs up using your shares!


Use to apply the face cutout feature to get customized parts from the image. You can then use these customized cutouts at various events and also for promotion and advertising purposes. It should be noted that many industries including advertising agencies use this feature for promoting their products.

Keep reading our articles and blogs to learn more about such interesting editing techniques.

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