Everything You Need to Know About Getting An MBA in Singapore

The MBA degree is the most popular postgraduate degree in the world. So, if you want a top-notch career leading to a high-salary position, why not study for an MBA in Singapore?

Studying for an MBA abroad allows you to broaden your academic and cultural horizons and gain valuable global work experience. However, many factors come into play when deciding where to do your MBA. In this article, we have summarised important tips for choosing a good MBA program in Singapore.

1. Cost of Education

The cost of an MBA program in Singapore is one of the most important factors. Generally, the tuition at an overseas MBA program is higher than in local programs. However, this depends on the city that you choose to study in.

For example, if you choose New York City (NYC), your tuition fees can be up to $80,000 per year while they can be as low as $30,000 in other cities like San Francisco (SF) and London (LON). Therefore, NYC would be a better choice for those who are prepared to pay more for their education.

2. Graduate Career Opportunities

There are many ways to measure the quality of an MBA program in Singapore. First, do your research on the career opportunities that are available to students after they graduate. Are there ample employment opportunities in the city? Are there plenty of international companies? Secondly, you should find out if graduates have succeeded after completing their MBA and have managed to secure a high-salary job.

3. Academic Reputation

A well-known MBA program will look for professors renowned for their academic reputation as well as various achievements in research or academia. The reputation is crucial because it guarantees that you will be learning from the best possible instructors and even network with them through internship and networking events.

4. Distance and Cost

There are over 30 American cities that have top-notch MBA programs. Of course, you can opt to study in one of these cities if you don’t mind the distance and the cost of living. However, if you want the freedom to choose your courses, the number of choices will be limited. There are many business schools that have an international campus in Singapore, like INSEAD, IE Business School and Tuck, etc.

5. Career Development Opportunities

The best MBA programs are those that not only help students develop their professional skills but also provide them with opportunities for career development within the company or industry in which they subsequently work after graduation.

6. Mentorship and Networking

Even though a good MBA program provides plenty of opportunities to network with business leaders and add to your existing network, the best place for networking is through the campus itself. Some of the well-known business schools like INSEAD, IE Business School, and Tuck provide a wide range of networking events like the ‘MBA Alumni Dubai Reunion’ where alumni from more than 40 countries are invited. Other events include industry dinners with visiting speakers, receptions, and conferences.

In terms of mentorship, students also have ample opportunity to meet business leaders during campus visits and guest lectures. All these opportunities help students build their networks which will become valuable when they look for jobs after graduation in Singapore.

The aforementioned factors will help you in choosing the ideal MBA program in Singapore that meets your needs and preferences.

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