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Everything you must know about diabetes socks

Diabetes causes nerve damage resulting in decreased sensation on toes and feet, making them prone to injuries. Therefore, specially engineered diabetes socks are made to prevent and combat such health issues and improve blood circulation on the lower legs. The seamless construction of such socks reduces friction against the skin to eliminate or minimise the chances of blisters and ulcers. So, if you are thinking about making the purchase, read on.

How does diabetes affect your feet?

Diabetic people with high glucose levels in their blood experience reduced blood flow to the feet. The insufficient blood flow to the feet and legs may make it hard for an infection or sore to heal.

Diabetic neuropathy is also another complication associated with diabetes that causes harm to the nerves of the feet. It causes pain or tingling or may even lead to complete loss of feeling in the feet. When a person loses sensation, they may not be able to feel sore or blister on the foot leading to sores and cuts. If the sores and cuts go unattended, they cause infection, leading to serious health complications.

How do diabetes socks work?

The elastic-free and seamless socks are designed carefully to address some of the primary health concerns of diabetic socks. They are mentioned below:

Diabetes socks do not have top elastic as they cut blood circulation to the feet. The socks made of stretchy materials with a non-binding top provide all-day comfort and improves blood flow.

Conventional socks tend to cause friction at the seams, which might cause an adverse impact on people suffering from diabetes. The socks for diabetic patients are seamless to reduce friction and chances of sores and blisters.

It is necessary for people with diabetes to keep their feet dry at all times. Prolonged moisture on the skin may cause infection and makes the skin prone to ulcers and infections. The socks made of moisture-wicking material helps in keeping the feet dry and clean.

What could diabetes socks do for you?

Diabetes socks protect the feet against pressure. The soft padding of the socks cushions the feet and helps avoid friction that may cause ulcers and blisters. The socks provide mild compression, which boosts blood circulation and relieves pain and aches of the foot. The breathable and lightweight fabric and snug fit would ensure your all-day comfort. These socks would also protect the pressure points and prevent pain. Moreover, if you suffer any injury or your wound is draining, it will show up, making you take action instantaneously. The antimicrobial property and moisture-wicking fabric of the socks prevent odour and fungal infections.

How to care for your socks?

Taking care of the socks will help them last longer and help you maintain daily hygiene. You can opt for both hand wash and machine wash.

During machine wash, turn the socks inside out and put them in the delicate bag. You should use mild detergent and go for line dry or tumble dry. You also need to turn the socks inside out and apply a mild detergent during hand washing. The socks must be removed from soap water and rinsed thoroughly before hanging them to dry. It is recommended to trim the toenails to avoid creating snags or pulls that might affect the longevity of the socks.

To prevent further aggravating your health issues caused by diabetes, go through the above-discussed factors and find the right pair of socks.

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