Effective and Proven Tips to Fix Your Sleeping Schedule During Night

Our biological clock is programmed such that it includes sleep during night time. But with the invention of devices such as mobiles, laptops, and TVs, people tend to stay more inclined towards such things rather than opting for an eight-hour sleep instead. Apart from these devices, the hectic work schedule also needs to be blamed for shortness of sleep.

But whatever the case may be, lack of proper sleep can give birth to various problems and may also dismantle your biological clock. Thus every human must follow an appropriate sleep schedule to save their body from being intoxicated and suffer health disorders.

So, are you someone who faces difficulty in sleeping at night? Then this quick guide is going to help you out by introducing a few ways that you can consider implementing for a good night’s sleep:

Limit screen timings

It may feel quite tempting to binge-watch your favorite shows when you drop down on your bed. But do you know that maximum time, it becomes simply irresistible to stay away from watching back-to-back episodes owing to the interesting element that creeps up at the end of every episode?

It’s perfectly fine if you like watching your favorite shows but not at the cost of your sleep. On the contrary, the blue light that emits from your phones and televisions can drastically affect the sleeping pattern of humans.

Not only does it affect your sleep clock but also your sleep hormones and quality of sleep. Thus make sure that you don’t spend much time popping your eyes wide on the screen.

Environment and Lighting

Sleeping in a place that is not cool and dark enough can hinder a good night’s sleep. It is our instincts that let the body know that it’s day time when there is light and darkness when it’s night. And, thus your body also responds accordingly and may cause you to face issues while sleeping in a well-lighted room.

Further, if your room is lit up during the night, it gives a chance to you to pick up your mobile phones, a book, or any other thing that can keep you occupied. This will again cause a delay in your sleeping pattern and discourage sleep.

Hence, make sure that you put off the lights and if you are not habitual of sleeping in darkness, at least consider dimming the lights so that the light doesn’t keep you awake for long.

Have a routine

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise’ is not just a saying meant just for kids but also for adults. A sleep routine is a must to get your body adjusted to the bio clock. There must be a pre-decided bedtime for adults too.

However, it may differ from the routine defined for children, but it is necessary to get your body adequate sleep and rest.

For this, you can consider using a sleep calculator that allows you to set a sleep routine as per your work schedule. Further, you can also use other methods such as reading a book, meditating, drinking milk, coffee, or any other thing that can trigger your mind that next in line is sleep.

This helps promote an efficient sleeping pattern and thus proves to be fruitful for your body, fostering a healthy and quality lifestyle.

Limit your naps

Naps are sure to follow when you feel fatigued. Thus you can often find yourself taking power naps after completing your small bits of work. But if you are particular about bed timings and wish to go to bed sticking to a specific schedule, you should limit your frequent naps.

Instead, consider involving yourself in other rejuvenating activities to get over your fatigue factor.

Taking a nap during the daytime can cause grogginess and also hinder your sleep during the night. Thus skip such power naps so that your sleeping pattern doesn’t stay disrupted.


Did you think that exercise is just meant to keep yourself healthy? Yes, of course, it keeps your body fit, but it also promotes better sleep. Exercise regulates the production of melatonin which further allows a person to have a sound sleep during the night.

But a golden rule is, maintain an adequate gap between your bedtime and exercise, at least two hours at the minimum.

Stay at bay from noisy neighborhood

What could be more frustrating than facing trouble sleeping? – “A noisy environment.” Environment matters a lot when it’s time for you to wish a goodnight and drop down for slumber.

And, if you do not get an environment that is free of noises and sound pollution, your brain may still be processing sounds even when you doze off, further causing difficulty in sleeping. Thus, make sure that you sleep at a place that is not noisy or wear earplugs to mask such sounds that surround you.

Spruce up the mood

Going to bed is the most peaceful thing to do, wherein you allow your whole body to relax that might have been working round the clock. Thus arises the need for giving a treat to your brains and body in the form of a good night’s sleep that they badly deserve after a hectic schedule.

In such an instance, what could be better than creating an aura that proves to be soothing for the brain and mind? Set up your mood by taking a hot shower, switch on some soft and light music, spray some fragrance in your room to create a perfect atmosphere for sleep.

Also, make sure that your room is dark and cool enough to make you feel comfortable. Needless to mention, your bed should also be clean and organized to allow you to rewind in a peaceful environment after a tiring day.


Retrieved from this article, sleep deprivationcan cause you to lose focus, pay less attention during the daytime, and decrease short-term memory retention. These are a few ways in which you can restructure your sleeping pattern for a better lifestyle. Though it may not happen overnight but slowly and steadily, you can get over your uneven sleeping habits by following the above-mentioned methods. All you need to keep is a bit of patience and discipline, and sleep will come eventually.

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