Divorce in Wisconsin: How long will it take?

Even the most pragmatic people have a hard time processing the whole decision to get divorced. Divorces are inherently complex and often emotionally draining, but it is also a legal process that must be addressed accordingly. If you intend to file for divorce in Wisconsin, you may have numerous questions about the legal situation. Top law firms like Karp & Iancu, S.C. can provide you with the resources, expertise, and counsel you need to get through the process. One of the typical queries is related to the time required to get through everything. In this post, we are discussing the key aspects that can influence the time required for getting divorced in the state.

The “cooling-off” period

States usually want couples to try everything possible to prevent divorce, and like other states, Wisconsin also has a cooling-off period. Here, you will have to wait for at least 120 days to get a divorce, which means you have to wait for at least that long from the date you file the petition.

Local factors

You can file for divorce in Wisconsin in any county where you or your spouse have lived for a minimum of 30 days before filing. Many counties have a higher volume of divorce cases, which means you don’t have to wait for that long to finalize the process. However, judges often have a backlog of cases and have to hear a wide range of matters. In general, you can expect a waiting period of at least six months unless you get lucky.

Your spouse

If you and your spouse agree to all the matters that concern the separation, you can expect to get divorced sooner. Sometimes, your spouse may not cooperate as much or respond in time, which can add to the delays. Also, there is documentation work that involves the other party, and if they decide to make things more complicated, you will have to wait longer to finalize everything.

The disputes

Matters like child custody, alimony, distribution of debts and assets, and other factors often impact divorces in Wisconsin. If you and your spouse have a likely legal battle, divorce can take a year or more. It is in your best interest to let the lawyers do the talking and negotiate things so you can get out of the marriage sooner.

Call an attorney as soon you decide to initiate divorce proceedings in Wisconsin.