Daily Maintenance Guide for Electronic Atomization Products

Electronic atomization products have become one of the indispensable items around many users due to their compact image and portable characteristics, but most people ignore daily maintenance, resulting in shortened life of electronic atomization equipment. Electronic atomization products are also consumables, and you need to pay attention to maintaining the equipment during use. Today, Magifel brings you a daily maintenance guide for electronic atomization products. Master these little skills, so that the equipment in our hands can be used normally for a long time.

No quick charge

Using the fast charging head will cause a large battery loss of the atomizer body and shorten the battery life. Although electronic products can be charged with a 5V/2A universal charging head, due to different discharges, the current of mobile phone and pad data lines is mostly higher than that of electronic atomizer charging lines, and overshoot can easily lead to battery damage. In order to avoid the shortening of the battery life of the atomizer, it is recommended that you use the original data cable of the product, and use a 5V/1A (voltage 5V, maximum current 1A, maximum power 5W) charging head to charge the atomizer.

Does not charge for a long time

Most of the electronic atomizers on the market use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are taboo to charge for a long time, which will cause damage to the battery. Long-term charging can easily lead to the failure of the battery to be charged normally, or can only be charged with virtual power, which affects the normal use of the atomizer. Usually try to charge the battery after the battery is used up. It should be fully charged each time, and do not cut off halfway.

Clean up condensate regularly

During the use of the atomizer, condensate accumulation or liquid leakage will inevitably occur. Timely treatment of these liquids can effectively avoid damage to the host. If not dealt with in time, the condensate will corrode the screws and other metal parts on the top of the host, and even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the host, causing greater damage to the host.

It is recommended to use the fuselage for about 2-3 days to wipe the condensate accumulated in the atomizer. Paper towels or cotton swabs can be used to insert them into the inner compartment of the atomizer to absorb the condensate accumulated in the inner compartment of the atomizer or the e-liquid leaked by the atomizer pod. Routine maintenance is very important to prolong the service life of the atomizer.

If not used for a long time, remove the atomizer pod

It is recommended that when the atomizer is not in use, remove the atomizer bomb, store the atomizer and the atomizer bomb separately, and do not assemble. And check whether there is condensation in the groove of the atomizer, if so, wipe it clean in time. For the host, regular maintenance can ensure that the equipment will not be damaged, and at the same time it can ensure the output capacity of the host, maintain the strongest output performance at any time, provide a steady stream of power to the atomizer, and obtain the best user experience.

After unpacking, shake it up and down and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before use

When the atomizing bomb is unpacked for the first time, it is recommended to remove the rubber stopper at the head and the bottom, and then shake it up and down several times, so that the atomizing liquid can fully penetrate into the cotton core at the bottom of the atomizing bomb, so as to ensure the best taste when using it. Avoid the paste core due to incomplete penetration of the cotton core.

Do not have too much temperature difference between hot and cold

The weather is hot in summer. Drivers need to pay attention to the temperature inside the car. If the atomizer is placed in the car for a long time or in direct sunlight, high temperature evaporation will occur, causing oil seepage or oil leakage.

Do not change the pressure too much

When taking a plane, due to the change of air pressure, a small amount of atomized liquid will leak out. Therefore, when taking a plane, pay attention to placing the atomizing bomb and the atomizer separately, and separate them from valuables.

Clean up condensate regularly

In the same way as the atomizer, the atomizing bomb will also experience condensation accumulation during use. If the condensate accumulates too much and cannot be cleaned up in time during use, there is a possibility that the condensate will be sucked into the port. At the same time, too much condensate falling on the atomizing core will cause problems such as discoloration of cotton, carbon deposition on the coil and oil frying, etc., which will affect the service life of the atomizing core.

To clean the atomizer bomb, you can use a paper towel or cotton swab to wipe it. Twist the paper towel into a strip and insert it into the gap between the head and tail of the atomizer to absorb the internal condensate.

Correct suction posture

Usually, when we use electronic atomization products, we should keep the atomization bullets facing upwards, and do not use electronic atomization products lying down to prevent the condensate from being directly sucked into the mouth. We should also pay attention to this when storing them daily, otherwise it will be very difficult. Oil leaks are prone to occur. Sucking back will also cause the atomization bomb to stick to the core, which should be avoided during use.

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