Custom Portraits: One of the Most Meaningful Gifts

Sometimes one wants to give a really, very special gift to somebody. You want to give something meaningful that will bring a lifetime’s joy to the person.

There are not many gifts that have the capability of providing joy for years to come – not only for the person who’ve received the gift but for everyone looking at the gift. A good painting, however, is almost always still admired and treasured long after it has been received.

If it is a custom portrait painting, it is so much more appreciated. In this article, we’ll look at the different reasons why custom portraits are deemed as the most meaningful thing you can give to your loved ones and how you can get a portrait painted.

Custom Portrait Drawing and Painting – the Background

Portrait drawing and painting is one of the oldest painting genres. It dates back to the Egyptian, Roman, and Greece civilizations. In the more recent Western civilization, the tradition of portrait painting was also very popular, especially during specific art periods such as the Renaissance.

There were many reasons why Western artists created art portraits in the past. One of the reasons was that according to custom in the past, artists got commissioned to create something that the buyer wanted. Popular commissions were the creation of custom portraits. It was popular for patrons to commission portraits of their families. And for the artist, it meant money.

Why are Custom Portraits still Meaningful Gifts Today?

To receive a painted portrait is unforgettable. Receiving a portrait will create a memorable moment one will forever cherish. A painting is virtually everlasting. Unlike most gifts, the portrait will most probably hang in a noticeable place in the person’s home.

Memorable custom portraits as a gift are something different and uniquely handmade. The receiver of the gift will know that you’ve given something very special. It is not something that has been bought from the shelf. A portrait also depicts the affection you have for the person you’re giving the gift to.

Unlike most other gifts, a portrait as a gift – whether it is only a custom portrait canvas or a framed painting – is not limited to a specific age group. You can gift it to anyone. Another reason why a portrait painting is a meaningful gift is that it is customizable. You can choose whether the portrait has to be a pencil sketch, oil painting, charcoal drawing, etc.

If the person to whom you want to present the painting is an art lover and you know what type of painting the person prefers, you can customize it to suit the person’s taste and preferences. You can even decide in what art style you want the portrait to be done.

Who or What Should be the Object to be Depicted?

Who or what should be the subject of the portrait will be determined by your relationship with the person who will receive the gift. Some of your friends or family members will appreciate a portrait of you, while others will appreciate a portrait of themselves, while others would love portraits of their family or even of them with their favorite pets.

The portrait can also depict a special occasion such as a 21st birthday, wedding anniversary, or graduation day. When they look at the painting you’ve given them, they will always be reminded of the special occasion.

Where to Get an Artist Painting Custom Portraits from Photos?

You will most probably only have photos of the person and other objects you want in the painting. So, you need an artist who is known for making custom portraits from photos. You’ll find individual artists advertising online and on social media.

Just remember, if you want to give someone an original custom portrait painting or a custom portrait drawing, the artist may have to use digital editing programs to create a base image before creating the painting itself. For example, an artist can use Photoshop to join two pictures together and use the edited image as a reference to paint the portrait.

The best way, however, is to contact a reputable online art gallery that is offering this type of service and order your painting from them. They use reputable and skilled artists, and you are guaranteed a beautiful and professionally painted portrait.

What is the Process?

When you’ve decided on the studio or artist you want to hire, you can place your order online. The studio/artist will request you to upload your photos and send them online.

The studio or artist will create a digital mock-up and send it to you for approval. If you are not satisfied with anything in the mock-up, you can request an edit of the image. After you’ve approved the final digital version, the artist will paint your portrait.

As soon as the artist has completed the artwork, they will send you a digital photo of the portrait, and if you are satisfied, the portrait will be delivered to you or to the person who you want to surprise with the gift.

Things to Remember when Ordering a Portrait Painting

When you order your portrait painting, you have to arrange detail regarding at least the following six questions with the artist/studio:

  1. What must be in the portrait, and what “feeling” must the painting convey to the receiver of the painting?
  2. What kind of composition do you want for the portrait?
  3. Do you need only the custom portrait canvas or would you like the studio to provide you with a framed painting?
  4. What medium do you prefer – for instance, oil, acrylic watercolor, pencil?
  5. What size should the canvas be?
  6. What type of frame do you want if you are ordering it as a framed painting?


A professionally done custom portrait will always be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone. On the one hand, it shows how much you appreciate the person you’re giving the gift to, and on the other hand, the recipient of the gift will cherish it forever.

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