Child Hearing Issues: Signs That It’s Time for Pediatric Diagnostics

Hearing issues can occur in people of all ages. That includes children. You may have noticed some behaviors that could indicate some degree of hearing loss in your child. If so, it helps to know that attention from a medical professional trained in pediatric diagnostics Falls Church VA will make a difference. Specifically, an expert in pediatric audiology will be able to determine if there is any degree of hearing loss and what to do about it. Here are some signs that indicate your child should see this type of specialist.

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Your Child Seems to Ignore You Until You Raise Your Voice

Your child has never been known to be disrespectful. Lately, it does seem as if the child ignores you during a conversation. It’s only when you raise your voice that the child begins to notice and responds.

The issue may not be one that requires discipline. It may not even be that your child is concentrating on something else that your words are ignored. The problem could be that your child is losing the ability to hear people speaking in normal tones. If so, it’s time to seek help.


Your Child Sits Closer to the Television

Another sign that something is up occurs when your child scoots closer to the television. At first, you may think that the purpose is to see the screen better. In fact, it may have more to do with the volume.

While your child has no problem viewing what’s on the screen from any area of the room, the sounds are harder to pick up on unless he or she is sitting close to the set. That may indicate some degree of hearing loss. The only way to know for sure is to have the hearing checked.


Your Child Seems Distracted in Class

A child who’s in kindergarten or the first grade may find it difficult to concentrate when the teacher is talking. This can lead to seeming to be distracted. An experienced teacher may pick up on the fact that it’s not a lack of interest in the discussion. What may be happening is that the child has trouble hearing what’s being said.If so, undergoing pediatric diagnostics Falls Church VA under the care of a child audiologist is in order. Doing so will determine what may be causing the loss in hearing, if there’s anything that can be done to correct the problem, or if being fitted for hearing aids is the only viable option.


Your Child Doesn’t Participate Much in Group Conversations

Maybe your child does well in terms of participating in one-on-one conversations. The problem comes in when several people are involved in group conversation. That’s because all of the words and the voices seem to run together. Since it’s hard to separate everything, it’s easier to remain quiet.

Rather than mistake this for being shy, consider the possibility that it may be a hearing issue. Have the ears checked and see if there are any signs of hearing loss. If so, the audiologist can provide insights into the possible treatment options.

Remember that not all hearing issues result in permanent loss. Find out what’s happening and explore the options for treatment. Taking care of the issue now could protect your child’s hearing in the future.



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