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This treatment is a generic version of the original and best known erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra. It proudly contains the exact same chemical compound, sildenafil citrate and is available in the same hard tablet formula. It is licensed and approved under the FDA generic drugs program and sold online at a fraction of the price. 

The Cenforce 100mg standard quantity consists of sildenafil 100mg. Cenforce 200 is provided in the form of hard tablets which contains double the amount of sildenafil. By containing 200 mg of sildenafil citrate, Cenforce 200 is used by men when standard dosages prove ineffective.

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Who Uses Cenforce 200?

Recent studies conducted in the UK confirm that about 1 in 10 or 10% of UK adult men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This condition is recognized as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. 

Physiological, psychological and medical issues can all play a role in erectile dysfunction. These factors not only limit sexual happiness they also affect quality of life, relationships and feeling of self-worth. Addressing the rising incidence rate of ED outlines the increasing demand for sexual enhancement pills and cost effective alternatives such as Cenforce 100mg.

Treatments like Cenforce 100mg and its stronger brother cenforce 200 provide relief regardless of the severity of erectile dysfunction. They improve blood flow and ensure the optimal amount reaches the penile region during sexual stimulation. The resulting firm and robust erection not only improves sexual relationships it also helps with self-worth and builds a closer bond between partners.

Cenforce 100mg Dosage

The regular dose of this pharmaceutical remedy consists of one pill taken orally, along with it, you can drink a glass of water. With respect to the dosage and timing, take it approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour just before sexual encounters. However, it must be respected that Cenforce 200 should not be more than once a day. 

Consumption of grapefruit juice is not advisable along with Cenforce 100mg medication because it may interact with the drug. Therefore, the chance of having side effects increases. Consume in moderation alcohol because it may prevent the drug from taking full effect. 

The tablets of Cenforce 200 can be stored in their original package at room temperature, away from moisture and heat.  Take on a healthy lifestyle with a balance amount of whole foods, exercise and adequate sleep to maximize the benefits of the treatment programs.

Benefits of Cenforce 200

It is just impossible to overstate the singular benefit of the extra strong ED medication. Even though it Cenforce 100mg has the capacity to rekindle the flame of love with all possible fierceness. 

However, the extra-strong ED pills are a tool people can use to reconnect with fulfillment again. A healthy sex life brings people inner satisfaction and a lot of pleasure. It helps them to develop an emotional bond and they start feeling alive. By using the more than strong Cenforce 200 ED medication men can effectively fight ED of every degree. 

A renewed sex like can enhance relationships and foster a sense of closeness and mutual trust. People with extra strong ED medicine like Cenforce 200 can set off fresh fireworks for a sparkling relationship, strong ED meds totally revive couples.

Cenforce 100mg Safety?

The treatment is certified and comes with the approval of the authority with the guarantee of its effectiveness and safety. Both Cenforce 200 and its counterpart have been tried with thousands of patients. Imagine the scientific examination, improved by the rigorous test and assessment.

Its performance was consistent. Cenforce 100mg never disappointed until it passed the clinical battlefield test with unbreakable nerve and spirit. In this case, it means the treatment conforms to the strictest safe and effective requirements. 

Regulatory authorities generated and approved both Cenforce 100mg and Cenforce 200 as one of the trusted medications for the treatment of ED. However, if you have a family history of cardiovascular diseases, liver or kidney disease, or particular eye disorders that are associated with them, you should be extra careful while using these medications.

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