CBD oil vs. CBD Cream: Which One is Best for Pain Relief?C

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s renowned for its many benefits, including providing pain relief. CBD has a versatile profile, and this means that it exists in many forms. The two most commonly used CBD forms for pain management are CBD cream and CBD oil. But which one is the best for pain relief? 

Well, below is a comparison overview of CBD oil vs. CBD cream and how they fair against each other. Besides that, this article highlights the benefits of choosing CBD oil over CBD cream for pain and vice-versa.

Why Choose CBD Oil for Pain?

CBD oil has a quite versatile profile. You can use it sublingually as tinctures or add it to your favorite drink or food. Besides that, the oil usually comes in bottles with droppers. As a result, you can measure the number of oil drops you need per serving. It should be noted that CBD oil’s versatile profile makes it ideal for use in managing a wide range of conditions. This includes mental health issues, physical pain, and other forms of discomfort.

In addition to that, some people use CBD oil to reduce opioid addiction. The effects are usually long-lasting, especially if you ingest it since it will find its way into the bloodstream.

Why Choose CBD Cream?

CBD cream is ideal for those dealing with pain and inflammation but doesn’t want to risk consuming THC. This is because you need to apply it externally, and the CBD compound won’t find its way into the bloodstream.

Besides that, these CBD cream for pain normally provides a localized effect where it feels the most. You need to take a considerable amount and gently massage into the specific area. You are more likely to experience powerful effects. If you suffer from joint pain, muscle strain, or inflammatory skin disorders, this is the product for you.

Which is Better?

Between CBD oil vs. CBD cream, which is better? It’s quite challenging to make a straightforward decision. This is because these two forms of CBD have different mechanisms of action. To make an appropriate choice, here is how they compare against each other regarding ingredients, bioavailability, and dosages.


To make CBD oil, manufacturers need two main ingredients: CBD hemp extract and carrier oil. The hemp extract can be an isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum. This means that CBD oil might have other plant compounds in addition to the nutrients found in the carrier oil. CBD cream is basically a cream that’s infused with CBD and other complementary ingredients. This includes oils, botanicals, and extracts that help to provide pain relief, enhance hydration, and improve the skin’s appearance. 


Bioavailability is the body’s capacity to absorb CBD from an application or intake into the bloodstream. All forms of CBD products have different bioavailability. Generally, topical CBD products such as CBD cream for pain have low bioavailability. This is because they are made for external application on the skin. The skin usually acts as a barrier, preventing most components and substances from entering the body. However, CBD molecules normally find their way into the skin’s endocannabinoid system even though they don’t reach the bloodstream.

CBD oil products such as CBD oil for pain have high bioavailability. This is because you can use the CBD oil sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue. Much of CBD components will find their way into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. You can also mix the oil drops with your favorite food or drink.


Dosage is one of the main issues when it comes to CBD use. This is because there is currently no universal recommendation. However, manufacturers usually offer their recommendations. When it comes to CBD oil vs. CBD cream dosage, there are variations. 

CBD creams do not have precise dosages since you just apply them based on the size of the afflicted region and the benefits you wish to achieve. This means that sometimes you might end up using more. Meanwhile, CBD oil products come with eye droppers to measure the dosage. This normally gives users a slightly better chance to estimate their servings.

How To Choose the Right CBD Product for Pain? 

Choosing the right CBD product depends on several factors. For example two brands of CBD cream or oil are not the same since there are several variations. If you want to pick a quality CBD cream for pain or CBD oil for pain, here are factors to consider:

  • Potency: CBD products can have the same potency but different amounts. Thus, you need to check the product label and determine the number of milligrams per container. This way, you can determine if the amount of CBD in the product is significant or not.
  • Ingredients: Consider CBD products are made using organic ingredients.
  • Third-party results: The lack of a regulatory body for CBD supplements means that most of the products in the market are low-quality. However, there are still some reputable brands that do a comprehensive analysis of their products. So, consider those brands that normally subject their products to independent third-party lab tests.

Final Thoughts

Both CBD cream and CBD oil are great for pain management. They contain CBD as their primary ingredient, and this makes them ideal alternative sources of medicine. However, they have different forms, meaning how they work differently. Consider CBD cream if you have joint or muscle pain and require a solution with localized effects. 

However, if you are dealing with chronic pain and need a product that will produce instant or lasting effects, consider CBD oil for pain. The objective is to determine your requirements and the impacts you want to experience. But regardless of the product you choose, ensure that it’s organic, has undergone independent lab tests, and has a significant potency.

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