Can You Rely on Home Loan Calculators

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When researching mortgages, it’s an exciting time for many. Just imagine, you could be sitting in your new home very soon. However, most people know that the process from start to finish can be stressful and demanding. If you’re still in the early stages, you will have seen the many home loan calculators online. But can you rely on these?

If you haven’t seen these calculators before, the idea is that you enter some very basic information and then the online calculator provides the results. For example, you enter the income of you and your partner plus the amount you’re willing to put down as a deposit. Eventually, the calculator tells you the value of the property that you should be looking for.

However, the problem is that an online calculator can only ever provide generic advice. Online calculators are designed to appease lots of people at once, and this means that the advice is never tailored to your position. While an online calculator gives a very broad initial idea, you shouldn’t base decisions on this factor alone. Instead, contact a lender or mortgage broker for personalised advice.

As an example, lots of people love mortgages with Grapevine Canberra because of the tailored approach. Rather than basing decisions on a basic online calculator, you can sit down with a broker and provide all the pertinent information. The broker will get to know your financial position, your goals, and various other factors. They can talk about your existing assets, your expected timeframe, and how much you can afford to spend in the coming years.

While people often feel reserved when it comes to contacting brokers, this is the best way to find a mortgage that suits your family both now and long into the future. The broker will take a deep dive into your financial position and other factors before providing tailored advice. Due to this deep dive, the results you get are likely to differ from what you get on a home loan calculator. For one thing, they will be more accurate.

Mortgage Brokers Offer Years of Experience

Why work with a mortgage broker? While many people will look at their qualifications and training, one of the most valuable assets of a mortgage broker is intangible – their experience. Having worked in the industry for many years, they understand the process and how to get value for money. An experienced mortgage broker has seen it all before; therefore, they know how to avoid mistakes and how to take the right steps in the journey to a mortgage.

When you choose an inexperienced professional, they haven’t been through the process as many times. What’s more, they haven’t encountered certain problems. Suddenly, you’re just as experienced as the professional in the situation. With something as important as your financial future, you need a mortgage broker that has been through every conceivable outcome. This way, they will know exactly how to help when an issue arises.


When buying a property, don’t leave anything to chance. Always work with experienced professionals and don’t base decisions on simple home loan calculators. The market is always changing, and a home loan calculator can only ever offer a number generated from a fixed formula. Get tailored advice from a professional after they consider your financial health and other important components.

With the right help, you will have your dream home soon enough. Good luck!

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