Can you get a cheap divorce in Huntsville? Find here!

The short answer is yes! No matter how long you have been married, there’s no way to escape the emotional distress related to your divorce. The costs only add to the financial strain, and it is okay if you are looking for a cheap way to get divorced in Huntsville. Your best bet is an uncontested divorce, which requires both parties to agree to the primary aspects and mutually decide to part ways. In Alabama, you have to wait for 30 days from the date of filing to get a divorce, and depending on how burdened county courts are, the required time could be a little longer. Consider contacting a divorce attorney in Huntsville, AL, to learn more about your unique situation. In this post, we are discussing how to minimize the costs related to your divorce.

Getting a cheap divorce in Alabama

An uncontested divorce requires both spouses to agree to the decision. They must also sort all issues related to child custody, parenting schedules, division of real estate and assets, and alimony. Based on what is agreed upon, the couple can file a joint petition for divorce and must submit a written marital separation agreement. If the court approves the agreement, it will grant the final decree, which will terminate the marriage. Compared to a contested divorce, an uncontested one is more straightforward and doesn’t cost as much.

How much will a lawyer charge?

As far as uncontested divorces are concerned, many law firms in Huntsville charge a fixed or flat fee. Because the lawyer’s job is limited to doing the paperwork and filing documents in court, they don’t usually demand an hourly rate. You are still responsible for the court fees and other expenses if any. You can talk to any known family lawyer and seek their input on getting an uncontested divorce.

Things to know

An uncontested divorce is also the best way to stay out of court. You can complete the process online and will not have to go for a hearing. There are a few situations when a party may have to visit the court for an uncontested divorce, especially if there are many errors in filing. Even if your spouse doesn’t want the divorce or disagrees on key issues, you can still go for mediation and discuss things to file for an uncontested divorce.

A contested divorce can continue for a long time, and lawyers will usually ask for an hourly rate along with a retainer fee, which can cost thousands of dollars.