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Buying Shoes Online: How To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet

With the growth of online stores, customers are increasingly opting to shop online. It is now possible to dress up fully without stepping your foot outside. You may think that only clothes can be bought online, but the good thing is that you can also buy shoes online without worrying about selecting the wrong size.

If you spot a beautiful pair of shoes online, do not let the fear of selecting the wrong shoe size stop you from purchasing them. Instead, you should measure your foot length and get to enjoy the new pair of shoes.

However, the big question is how do you minimize the risk of selecting the wrong size of shoes and instead buy a perfect size? This post will discuss the tips to help you select the perfect shoe size when purchasing online.

While shopping online, it’s essential to look for a shop that closely inspects each footwear model. The online shop should also be keen on the essential attributes and size differences. Additionally, they should be able to look at the details and shape of the shoe.

Tips to guide you select the perfect shoe size while shopping online

  • Foot length

    It is essential to know the length of your foot in centimetres since it’s easy to get the manufacturer’s size chart in which it will be easier to order the right size of your shoe.

    • The shape of your foot and the shoe

    It’s important to be keen on the footwear model you select. If the shoes have a pointed nose, you should go for a larger size since the model is relatively smaller.

    If you have an instep that is high, go for shoes having the zipper either on the front, side or on the heel part of your foot. If your foot is wider, it’s good to avoid pointed shoes or shoes having a seam at the wider part of your foot.

  • • Half sizes

    In some cases, you will find people having half-sized feet. If you happen to be in this category, choose shoes from shops that have half sizes.

    • Seasonality

    It’s essential to be keen on seasonality. In summer times, the feet are mostly swollen and, in some cases, even larger. Therefore. It’s important to know your foot length before buying footwear online. If you search for a warm winter pair of shoes with fur, go for a larger size since it’s faster for a squeezed foot to get cold.

How to measure the length of your foot correctly

Your foot size changes with time. This is brought by various factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, age, fluid retention, among others. That is why it’s normally crucial to know your foot length before purchasing new shoes online.

It is very easy to achieve this at home. However, it’s good to know that shoe sizes might differ depending on the manufacturer; therefore, it’s convenient to know your foot length in centimetres and confirm with the trademark ‘chart before purchasing shoes.

Steps to measuring the length of your foot

You will need A pen, a ruler and an A4 paper.

• Step 1

Place your foot on the A4 piece of paper

• Step 2

Vertically holding your pen, indicate with a dot where your longest toe ends and where your heels end.

• Step 3

Using your ruler, measure the distance in between the dots.

• Step 4

Measure in centimeters the length of your foot

• Step 5

In some cases, you may find a slight difference in the lengths. However, in such cases, you should choose the size of your shoe using the larger for. For instance, if your right foot’s size is 36and your left foot’s size is 35.5, select the larger size.

Buying shoes online might be challenging, especially if you fear spending money on shoes just to find that they are small or big. However, using the above tips in buying shoes online, you can be assured of getting the perfect size for your feet without any worry.

Additionally, when buying online shoes, it’s also crucial to ensure that you are getting them from a legit shop to get exactly what you have ordered. For instance, if you are looking for online running shoes, it’s important to ensure that you get the correct size and exact features to have a smooth run.

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