Best Fruit Slots Machines to play in New Zealand

Fruit slot machines are perfect for players who want to experience slot gaming of the past, due to its casual gameplay and simple visuals. These new casino games are incredibly popular in New Zealand.

Fruit slot machines 

Fruit themed slot games are some of the most popular slots out there. Players just love the unique mix of bright colours, simple gameplay and unique symbols on the reel. Although some may feel that this theme is a little simplistic, fans would argue that is exactly the point. Fruit slot machines serve in direct contrast to the complicated and busy modern slot game, offering a unique alternative for players to enjoy. The fruit slot machine is incredibly popular in New Zealand, where slot machines are affectionately called pokies. Although the country is full of sun and sea, players can still not get enough of these brightly coloured and relaxing slot games. The win potential of fruit slot machines can vary, depending on which slot you are using.


Using a fruit themed slot machine may seem boring to some players, but those that do use them stand by these slot games. This is because they carry many advantages that cannot be found in normal slot games. The following are the biggest benefits that come from using a fruit slot machine in New Zealand. 

  1. Colourful gameplay – One of the most noticeable things about fruit themed slot games is the bright colours that they use, this serves to make the games appear much more fun and vibrant, especially when they are compared to other slot themes.
  2. Simple gameplay – Ask any player over a certain age and they will tell you that a fruit slot machine was their first taste of slot gaming. Although not as prevalent today, a fruit slot machine is the perfect way to step back into the past with its simple design and gameplay.
  3. Fun – One of the main reasons that fruit slot machines are enjoyable to play are due to the fact that they are straight up fun. There is no over complicated bonuses or extravagant graphics with these slots, what you see is what you get. 

Best fruit slot machines New Zealand 

The charm of fruit slot machines has lasted through the years, with these slot variations being more popular than ever. The following are some of the best fruit slot machines you can play in New Zealand. 

  1. Fruit Zen – This is a fruit themed slot game that is perfect for your bank account as well as your soul. As the name implies, this fruit slot machine is focused on the relaxing aspect of this theme, with calming music and soothing visuals.
  2. Mega Flip – This exciting fruit slot was developed by Relaxing Gaming and it features a wild reel design that makes the game stand out. There are also amazing visuals and features such as the screen flip which will keep players entertained. 

Final Thoughts 

The fruit slot machine has stayed popular through all the changes of slot machines due to its timeless design and simple gameplay.

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