Best Endorphina Slots Machines

Online gaming has now become so popular that it is now a part of us. Different online games are launched daily, while some are just ordinary, others offer premium quality, and one of such premium games is the slots machine from Endorphina – also play eyecon slot on Wizard.

Endorphina is a slots game developer that was launched in 2012 in the Czech Republic. Despite being a new company, Endorphina has carved out a name for itself, it has been recognised as one of the best among software developers. With numerous awards in its coffers, little wonder it’s fast becoming a name on many lips.

Best Endorphina Slots Machines

Endorphina has released over 55 slots games which grew in popularity in the world of slots gambling, over a short period of time. The Random Number Generator the developer uses, has been checked and have been certified, and all their games have been tested by iTechlabs (the independent technical laboratories).

The best slots from the developer offer users the opportunity to test them on demo mode. This enables users to determine the slots game they would love to continue with. Some of the best Endorphina slots are as follows:

1.    Voodoo

This is one of the best slots in the coffers of the developer. Its theme is centred on voodoo and its properties. Baron Samedi’s image was used as the symbol.

2.    The ninja

This game has a short video at the beginning of the slot describing the past life of ninjas, and the video sets the position of the reels.

3.    Fairy Tale

This is a slots game that features the story of angelic girls. The free spin mode of this game has some additional multipliers.

4.    Satoshi’s Secret

The game was made to honour Satoshi Nakamura who founded the digital currency “Bitcoin”. It for the most part has 21 definitely pay lines and about 6 reels.

5. Safari

Safari slots are about African wildlife habitats. This slot has about 50 paylines and 5 reels.

Types of Endorphina Slots

Endorphina only produces online video slots machines, at the moment there are over 55 video slot machines from the developer with various plots that follow today’s trends. For instance, there is a video slot for crypto-currency titled Satoshi’s secret, another for the arts and crafts titled Origami. Then the one for Vaping is called the diamond vapour, and twerk for a dance style. With Endorphina you are sure to find the style that you will love.

Where to play Endorphina slots machines

Endorphina slots machines are found on most of the European Union established gambling platforms.

Benefits and features of Endorphina

Endorphina has a host of features in its slots machines that offers users a unique experience and some of them include, free spins, wildcards, multipliers and so on. Endorphina also has some benefits it offers its users that cannot be seen on other slots machines some of which includes:

  •         Endorphina allows the use of digital currency.
  •         Almost all of its games have a detailed storyline with videos that comes before the reels.
  •         Endorphina uses HTML 5, which makes it compatible with any device.
  •         Amazing bonus features.
  •         Endorphina slots machines use three-dimension graphics, that gives users the best of visual effects.

Final Thoughts

Endorphina has proven itself to be one of the best slots machine developers out there. With a host of slots machine that offer its users a wonderful experience.

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