Benefits Video Marketing Can Provide Your eCommerce Business

The present is a rapidly evolving eCommerce world where videos have a very important role to play. They have become the most effective medium for marketers to describe products and services and even for brand advertisement.

If you find your competitors following mainstream marketing plans to get ahead in the eCommerce world, you can take a step further by leveraging the power of video marketing. You never know, but the shopaholics online are simply in life with product videos.

Also, eCommerce videos offer the buyers a chance to get up close with the products on offer, which is another good way of building trust for the eCommerce businesses. Videos play an important role in developing sales for eCommerce businesses, and that too in the quickest time possible.

On that note, here we have detailed content offering insights into the benefits of video marketing for eCommerce businesses. Here you go:

1. Google Loves Videos

If you want to improve the ranking of your eCommerce site on Google, you must definitely include videos in it. That’s because Google is simply in love with top-quality videos. And it is essential that you work by Google algorithms if you want your businesses to be known to the world.

Using videos on your site will automatically bring in digital advertisements to your web page. This is yet another way of ensuring that your website page ranks high on Google.

Speaking of YouTube, with more than 3 billion searches per month, it is the best video streaming platform. Having your product videos on this channel will also give you another way of marketing your eCommerce undertaking.

2. People Are More Inclined towards Videos

The average individual watches approximately 100 minutes of visual content per day. This stands as evidence of the fact that people are completely inclined towards videos. Go by the other reports, and you will find that 96% of the customers have already increased their video-watching time.

Though there are different forms of content available online, videos are the most approached. Having even a short video in a blog will make your blog interesting, and people will watch the whole idea conveyed through the video instead of wasting their time reading the same.

The sound effects and the visual appeal of videos are what grab the attention of the individuals.

3. Videos Bring in Higher Conversions

One of the greatest things about videos is they help in building strong trust in people. Promote your eCommerce store by including videos in your product pages, and this will definitely increase the chances of prospects transforming into customers.

As per reports, 70% of marketers feel that videos convert in a better way than the other forms of content. And in this category, the explanatory videos work wonders by increasing conversion rates by around 20%.

the eCommerce business is all about looking for and buying products online. So, there are fewer chances for the customers to examine the products of their choice by touching them. This is where videos become important in guiding the buying decision of the customers. Of course, top-quality images can do this job to a considerable extent, but videos offer a more realistic feeling.

Hence, eCommerce businesses should always work on adding videos to their banner section and landing pages, specifically the explainers. Introducing products and services to visitors through videos can leave a great impression.

4. Customers Engage Better with a Brand Through Videos

If your eCommerce business’ main objective is increasing its customer base, videos will make it easier to achieve this goal. Video-based marketing campaigns are always a huge hit among prospects.

Nevertheless, if you want your prospective customers to engage with your products and services, ensure your videos are attention-seeking. Also, post them on different social media platforms so they will attract a larger number of views.

This type of conversion is almost impossible through written or any other form of marketing solution.

5. Bring Your Brand to the Limelight with Videos

You can release videos for your marketing campaign, so they catch the attention of the netizens swiftly and go viral all across social media platforms. Make sure your videos connect people emotionally. If you are successful in doing so, they will get huge shares as well.

It will not take you much time to get praises from people for the wonderful message you spread through your videos. Thus, it can be rightly said that video marketing has huge potential.

It can make a brand popular overnight and get it right in the limelight. Nevertheless, if you want your businesses to catch the market swiftly, you need to be very creative in making videos.

Work on creating videos that present out-of-the-box thought procedures and messages that connect the people. Being perfect with all these signature attributes will leave the audience in awe of your products, and they will definitely do the needful for you.

6. Modern-Day Buyers Make Purchase Decisions Based on Videos

Around 90% of the customers make buying decisions based on the videos they find on the website of a company. This clearly means that people who watch visuals will mostly buy the products they get to see in the videos.

Furthermore, 47% of the consumers surely purchase products by going through their videos. Hence, eCommerce businesses should always guide their digital marketing teams to make top-quality and consistent videos to keep the audiences engaged most of the time.


Building trust among the prospects is very easy with the use of videos. Video marketing is therefore considered one of the greatest marketing tools for eCommerce businesses that deal in selling products and services online.

It is important for an eCommerce business to have proper visual content in place for marketing its products. The advantages detailed above stand evidence of the fact that video content can actually be trustworthy and result-oriented.

Moreover, video marketing on the different social media channels will bring in more conversions and higher returns on investment for the eCommerce businesses.

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