Benefits of Using a Wood Burning Boiler

Many homeowners are just now beginning to see the benefits of using a wood burning boiler for their homes. Although these new boilers offer many benefits – like not needing to run electricity to either heat or cool your home. Today, many people are using a wood burning boiler to heat their homes instead of a heating system. 

What is a Wood Burning Boiler?

A wood burning boiler is a type of central heating system that works by burning firewood. It’s usually composed of the following parts: 

  1. A boiler or furnace that heats up water and circulates it through radiators in different rooms. 
  2. A flue to expel smoke 
  3. A chimney, which is connected to the flue to draw air into the system and send the heat out of your home

How Does a Wood Burning Boiler Work?

A wood burning boiler works by a firebox on the top, which is fueled by wood pellets. The heat that’s released by the firebox then travels along pipes and into radiators throughout the home. A wood burning boiler is like a regular boiler, except that it burns wood instead of getting its heat from the outside environment. Wood fuel can be purchased at most hardware stores and some grocery stores. The only requirement for this type of boiler is an outdoor space with a fireplace or a chimney where the wood can be burned.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Boiler

The outdoor boiler is a safer, cleaner, and cheaper way to heat your home. It’s also more environmentally friendly than other types of heating methods because it doesn’t use any fossil fuels. The outdoor boiler uses renewable and sustainable resources such as wood chips or straw, making it perfect for a green home. The benefits of switching to wood boilers can be felt across the board. Wood boilers are safe, environmentally friendly, and more efficient than both gas and coal power plants.

How to Install an Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler

If you have a fireplace and need to heat your home when you don’t want to use gas or wood, wood burning boilers are the perfect solution. They require no chimney work and offer a quick way to create heat. The installation process may take some time, but it’s not too difficult with help from this guide. The boiler will radiate heat into the room, providing both visual and practical comfort.


A wood burning boiler is a great way to heat water in your home without using fossil fuels. They are portable and fairly easy to install, some models can be heated before use by adding firewood. Boilers can produce hot water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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