Benefits of Opening Free AMC Demat Account

Earlier, when people thought of investing, they needed to be knowledgeable about the right accounts and the platforms offering them. Talking about much before when such institutions didn’texist, people feared getting out with their capital and essentials as they might get lost or become subject to theft or forgery.

But, with the coming of Demat accounts in the year 1996, a lot of things changed and now the investors can easily administer the investments. People got a new platform that was safe and reliable for them to invest their time and capital. The efforts in physical trading of essentials were eliminated and a new era of electronic trading set in. Right now, it is necessary for traders and investors to have a free AMC Demat account.

What are the advantages of having a free AMC Demat account?

In the present scenario, the zero AMC Demat accounts have gained popularity and are the preferred choice of traders for investing in stocks. Here is what benefits it can offer to you.

Quick Settlements

When you talk about Demat accounts, one thing that you must know is that Demataccountsprovide you with many quick settlements as compared to other types of accounts. Earlier, the time for settlement extended to around 14 days due to the time consumed by the movement of the shares. The process was conducted offline as no digital means were available for the same.

With the advent of a free AMC Demat account, the statement cycle has narrowed down to 2 working days. It has helped in the dematerialization of the shares and has also reduced the intensity of efforts required for making settlements.

Safe and secure

One of the biggest advantages of a zero AMC Demat account is that it provides safety and security to a great extent. Usually, when the shares are meant to be traded physically, they are exposed to the threat of theft, forgery, or fraud. Therefore, whenever any share certificates were lost, the investors had to handle a lot of paperwork.

To overcome any operational challenges, a lot of effortwas required by the investors. In addition to this, there was no guarantee or certainty of the problem being solved. However, the Demat accounts have reduced the chances of theft and forgery of shares. The accounts are safe and reliable.

Decreased level of errors

When the accounts were handled physically, the chances of manual errors were automatically increased. Human error is bound to happen in any field or on any platform. But, with the coming of online platforms, everything became automatic and software dependent making the possibility of committing manual errors negligible.

All-in-one account

The zero AMC Demat accounts are not just limited to holding the shares invested by the account holder. Apart from this, they can also store ETFs, debentures, and bonds as well. Therefore, these accounts increase the abilities of the individuals and help to earn maximum profits.

Being an owner of the Demat account, you can always manage your financial assets with ease and comfort. It makes it easier for you to track your records and progress. It becomes a single platform for all the financial assets and managing transactions.


Times have gone by when having a Demat account was related to the status and reputation of an individual. The Demat accounts are affordable for everyone in the present scenario. The opening and maintenance of these accounts have become much easier than before. The Demat accounts are available today with zero AMC charges.


Unlike other accounts, the zero AMC Demat accounts offer ease of transmission to the user and offer much safety and security. They have easy accessibility and act as a one-step storage platform for everyone.

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