Are you retired? Look at Tempe Condos for Sale

Are you considering moving to Tempe, Arizona for your new home? If you are wondering where to move next, and you are curious as to whether Arizona is the right spot for you, then Tempe is going to put your mind at ease! Instead of moving to overcrowded cities like Phoenix or Reno, Nevada, Tempe is the best location for young professionals who are looking for jobs, families who want to have more kids, retired couples who want to relax.

Let’s check out a few of the main reasons why you should look at Tempe condos for sale instead of heading to Flagstaff – there are more than enough reasons to move to this bustling and electric outdoor-centric city in Arizona!

Before you can begin looking real estate in Tempe, let’s see a few statistics that are going to put your mind at ease before you even pack your bags:

  • Livability – One of the many perks about living in Tempe, Arizona is that you can rest assured there is a high livability score. This score takes into account the jobs available, the proximity of houses to amenities, and the income level. The livability score of Tempe, Arizona comes in at a favorable B on the scale of A to F.
  • Cost of living – The cost of living in Tempe, Arizona scores a respectable A-! Since the city of Tempe is going to be less expensive than other nearby options, it can be a good choice for those right out of college who are looking at Tempe condos for sale.
  • Education – There are numerous educational opportunities that you can take advantage of to get your masters degree, graduate from college, or continue your bachelor’s degree. To make yourself more desirable for employers in the job market, you can continue your education in Tempe, Arizona while you are looking for places to live in the surrounding sea to your college.
  • Social factors – Another benefit of choosing Tempe condos for sale vs. Flagstaff is the numerous social benefits of living in this fun and bustling city. Instead of overcrowded cities, like Phoenix, or places that are more-expensive, like Flagstaff, you can get the best of both worlds from living in Tempe. This city is the ideal spot for young professionals to move to who want to save money but surround themselves with like-minded individuals who are going to want to explore the city.
  • Young population – The next benefit of looking at Tempe condos for sale vs. Flagstaff is the young population who lives here. The median age of those in Tempe is just over 29 years old, with the average family size just over 3 people – showing it is a great place to settle down as an experienced professional who has a partner and kids. There is an average of 53% males and 47% females who live here, providing a good work-life balance. In addition, for those who are retired couples, you can enjoy the young and youthful atmosphere.
  • Population growth – The last benefit of looking at Tempe condos for sale vs. Flagstaff is the population growth that has been happening in the nearby area. To keep up with the changing items and enjoy the booming population and social scene, you should choose Tempe over other options like Flagstaff. The 5-year growth in Tempe is just over 5% – showing how many people are moving here!


Are you debating where to choose Flagstaff condos or Tempe condo for your next move? Consider choosing Tempe condos for sale so you can enjoy lower prices, the population boom, and plenty to do in your free time! You can mingle with other retired couples, enjoy the outdoor opportunities, benefit from the lower cost of living, and enjoy the social scene in your nearby community!

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