Are you a victim of childhood sexual abuse? Find out how to get justice now

Childhood trauma can affect how your adult life turns out and how you interact with other people. In most cases, experiences like sexual abuse and different horrific experiences stick with you for an eternity. However, you can take action and start a recovery journey that can redirect your life and heal the trauma you experienced.

The tricky part about it is that it is not an easy thing to do. Most people who have gone through childhood sexual abuse will keep it to themselves for fear of being shamed or blamed. That is why many years pass before sexual assault victims can seek justice.

However, the courts now understand these struggles and are more lenient with the timeline for seeking justice. Nowadays, you can file a case against a sex abuser years after the ordeal happened and have an equal chance of winning the case and getting compensation. How do you seek justice for childhood sexual abuse?

How To Get Justice For Childhood Sexual Abuse

1.   Identify The Person Responsible

Many people take a long time to find justice for childhood sexual abuse because they cannot figure out who is responsible. Some people forget while others are confused.

The confusion comes in because most sex abusers are known to the child or have a relationship with the child. It can be hard to think that the person you trusted or respected abused you. Many people also struggle with denial and therefore lack the courage to punish the people that abused them.

The best way to approach this is to talk to someone about it. It could be a professional therapist or a sexual abuse attorney. Another person will help you identify the person that needs to pay for what you went through.

2.   Look For An Experienced Sexual Abuse Attorney

The first person to consult with when you finally get the strength to make your abuser pay is an excellent sexual abuse attorney. A good lawyer will help you make a strong case against the person and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

They could also refer you to good therapists who can help you overcome the trauma and deal with any unresolved emotions involving the experience. The lawyer helps you get through the door and sees you through the whole process until the end.

However, one thing to note is that not everyone who says he is an attorney is good at it. You should find one with enough experience handling such cases because they will know the best angles to build a strong and impactful case.

3.   Open A Case in Court

Once you have identified the person to hold accountable and look for an excellent sexual abuse attorney, opening a case against the person or entity is next. The sexual abuse attorney will help you file the case and gather any proof or witnesses that can help build your case.

You also need to think back and remember things that could help strengthen the case, as the place of abuse and other tiny details that can help you get justice. Your attorney will do most of the work, but you also have to cooperate to get justice for that unfortunate experience.


It is easier to file a childhood sexual abuse case today than a while back because most states have increased the time limit for filing. You can now get justice for something that happened many years ago and even sue the institutions that let that happen. However, the first step to getting justice is coming forward and wanting to ordeal your story with the world.

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