7 Helpful Tips for Buying Basketball Shoes

Looking for some new basketball shoes? Buying basketball shoes can be overwhelming when there is so much choice out there, especially if you are a beginner. Basketball shoes are important for protection and performance, but style is also a major factor with this sport so you will want to choose new sneakers that will impress.

So, how can you purchase basketball shoes that will tick all of the boxes? Read on for a few buying tips that should help you to find the perfect pair that could improve your performance, prevent injury and turn heads.

1. Work Out Your Budget

Before you start looking at basketball shoes online and fall in love with a pair, you need to consider how much you can spend. Be warned that basketball shoes can be expensive, but there are good options available for lower prices.

You do not want to skimp on basketball shoes as a cheap pair will not provide good protection and will not last. This is why you need to see this as an investment and spend what you are able to on a high-quality pair. Keep in mind that you can usually find deals and discounts, which could make a premium pair more affordable.

2. Stick With the Big Brands

Following on from this, you are best sticking with the big brands when it comes to new basketball shoes. It can feel overwhelming with so much choice, but not all basketball shoes are created equal.

You know that you are getting quality with the big brands and shoes that are designed to be used for basketball. This is a sport that requires different movements to running, tennis etc, so shoes need to be made for basketball. The big brands that you need to look for include:

  • Nike
  • Air Jordan
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Under Armour
  • New Balance

Be warned when shopping online that there are places that sell fake basketball shoes, especially vintage Air Jordan. This is why you need to always buy from a trusted seller.

3. Choose High, Low or Medium-Top

You also need to choose between high-tops, low-tops and mids. In addition to style, this will impact the performance and comfort of the shoe.

Low-tops are generally best for those that rely on speed and attacking the basket as they are lightweight, but keep in mind that they do not offer the best ankle support. High-tops are popular with taller players that do not rely on speed as much and provide the best ankle protection. Meds are a happy medium as they will provide a good amount of ankle protection but without adding too much weight.

4. Prioritize Ankle Protection

Leading on from this, when you purchase basketball shoes, it is smart to prioritize ankle protection. Anyone that has played for a number of years will tell you that ankle protection is key and it is common to turn your ankle with this sport. There are many factors that will determine the severity of this, including the shoes that you are wearing.

Research the shoes online and see what ankle protection is offered in terms of design, materials, traction and the lacing system. Customer reviews can also be helpful with this.

5. Research Different Sneakers Online

Following this, it is important to research basketball shoes online before you make a purchase. The internet is a goldmine with entire websites and communities dedicated to new sneakers for basketball. Be sure to read reviews online and ask any questions that you have – the basketball community is friendly and always happy to help a beginner.

Alternatively, you could ask anyone that plays what sneakers they would recommend. This can be a good starting point as you can then research online to find a suitable pair for your needs and budget.

6. Buy From a Reputable Store

As mentioned before, if you buy basketball shoes online, you need to be wary as there are fakes out there. This is why you need to buy from a reputable store with 100% authenticity guaranteed – discover more here. The best online sneaker stores will always have plenty of helpful information and be happy to help if you have any questions.

7. Try By Before You Buy

It is also important to try the shoes on before you buy if you can. Alternatively, purchase from a store that allows returns within 7 days. Fit is incredibly important with basketball shoes as you will be sprinting, coming to quick stops and jumping. This means that you do not want your foot rattling around inside the shoe or have your toes crammed up against the edge.

Keep in mind that every brand is slightly different when it comes to sizing. If you have a pair of shoes from the same brand, this will make the decision much easier. If not, it is worthwhile heading down to a local store to try on a few pairs so that you can find the right fit before ordering. Snug but not too tight with a small bit of room in the toe is key.

Additionally, when trying on the shoes, make sure that they feel comfortable and supportive. Buying a new pair of flash-looking Jordans might look great, but if you do not find the shoes comfortable then you will struggle and could hurt yourself.

Buying Basketball Shoes Made Easier With These Tips

Hopefully, buying basketball shoes will not feel as daunting with these tips. With so much variety out there it can feel overwhelming, especially for a beginner. These buying tips should help you to narrow your results and find a pair that is within your budget, comfortable and supportive. This should help to elevate your game and prevent any pain or injuries.

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