5 Ways To Improve Push Notifications Performance in 2022

We are sure your push notifications strategy is almost prepared, but before implementing it in the market, one must read this post. Go ahead!

So, have you planned your push notifications strategy for 2022? Of course! And we are pretty much sure you will be gaining a lot of success. However, reading this blog can help you understand the best practices that you can make part of your React Native push notifications strategy too. Even more, it might help you know what you should include in your marketing plan and what’s not.

So, without wasting more time, let’s dive into the ways and make the most out of them.

Work On Push Notifications Delivery

The mobile marketing sector has long been plagued by the push notification delivery issue. The device has been disconnected from the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service—a crucial cable that transmits push notifications—as a result of OEM restrictions, network challenges, and other circumstances, negatively affecting delivery.

WonderPush push amplification helps marketers to solve delivery problems and find their way around the corner. Push amplification detects the delivery failure issue and acts as the fallback to successfully deliver the push alerts to the users. The topmost brands such as BigBasket, OYO, and more are seeing up to 15% improvement in sending reach native push notifications, including:

  • 10% increase in delivery rate
  • 16% increase in sales
  • 3.5X in delivery to choose OEMs

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere. When it comes to marketing, marketing automation saves a lot of time and puts the customers in touch with you. Even a recent article published by Forbes says, AI is benefiting brands and customers. 

The year 2022 is all about mobile marketing that helps brands to get their desired results from their push notifications by optimizing all push campaigns, message content, and push delivery. Here are the three brands that are using AI-driven techniques for push notifications. 

Chiller: Bill payment, recharge, money transfer, account management, UPI, and other transactions were able to be identified and targeted by Chiller by using business intelligence and analytics to understand financial transaction trends in India.

Matahari Mall: Leading e-commerce Company in Indonesia is Matahari Mall. Matahari Mall saw a 26% increase in CTR thanks to WonderPush, which led to more customers completing transactions on the app.

Ayopop: The most popular mobile payment and recharge app in Indonesia is called Ayopop. Ayopop was searching for a clever strategy to encourage cross-promotion, lower transaction drop-offs, and remind customers of their app transactions.

Try Dynamic Push Notifications

Playing with dynamic content is one of the best ways to personalize the user’s experience. With AI and automation, you can detect the user’s behaviour and send relevant alerts to the user’s screen automatically. 

This is imperative since personalization is booming and becoming a crucial marketing strategy for marketers. Personalized marketing can help you yield maximum rewards, especially for newcomers who quickly understand the market and generate profits. 

Dynamic product messaging with WonderPush can provide you with next-level experience as it is powered by AI. This helps you connect with customers that were not possible before. So, leverage this power and enjoy the leads and revenue. 

Note – dynamic push notification is ideal for price alerts, transaction reminders, news alerts, product recommendations, content suggestions, and personalized offers. 

Strive Data, Segmentation, and Personalization

Recent studies show that more than 78% of consumers act on personalized promotional offers. Although personalization is the end goal, segmentation’s back alleys are what lead there.

It is possible to deliver hyper-personalized experiences by comprehending the connections and distinctions between data, segmentation, and personalization. 

For instance, Gaana executes segmentation and personalization to boost their personalization game for proposing artists and music to consumers to see how these ideas regarding flows are put into practice.

Pay Attention to User’s Flow

The most recent advancement in push notifications is an emphasis on user flow because it promotes customer retention. Data from this Kissmetrics article shows that companies with 40% repeat customers made 50% more money. Additionally, devoted clients showed greater loyalty, supporting firms during hard times economically. Focusing on client lifetime value is your best option if you want to gradually lower the cost of customer acquisition while increasing income from your current customer base. Let’s see the types of customer journeys while creating user flow. 

  • Onboarding flow 
  • Engage and Nurture Flow

6 The Best Practices to Engage Customers 2022

Here we are suggesting some of the best ways to engage customers for a long time. 

  • Focus on the message’s character limit
  • Be creative
  • Always use the right words
  • Add call-to-action buttons
  • Send timely and relevant notifications
  • Try deep-linking technique

The Bottom Lin

Undoubtedly, Push notifications are the best ways to retain customers and make them truly yours. However, WonderPush React Native Push notifications allow you to get the most out of them, and following the above-mentioned technologies can help you reap the maximum benefits. Good Luck!

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