5 Reasons Why Hotels in Gatlinburg TN Can Be a Fun Option for a Weekend Away!

Every once in a while, even the most vibrant of travelers gets tired of exploring new places and spends some time relaxing at a hotel and enjoying the experience.

Hotels are masters in the hospitality industry and have invested in exceptional amenities meant to give their guests a warm, pleasurable, and most comfortable stay.

You can get everything from food, drinks, and in-house activities that are sure to add a spice of adventure to your holiday! Some hotels even have shopping stores and bank branches, making staying at a hotel super convenient.

This article breaks down why staying at a hotel should be your top choice during your next weekend getaway to Gatlinburg.

1. Strategically Located

One amazing factor about staying at hotels in Gatlinburg TN is you are sure of being close to everything. Most of the hotels are within walking distance from tourist attraction sites, eateries, and shops.

Additionally, most, if not all hotels are located in serene areas allowing guests to get a view of the awe that is the Great Smoky Mountains.

2. Pocket-FriendlyPricing

As opposed to what many think, hotels are actually very affordable. If you consider the quality services and amenities provided for you all under one roof, you will realize the money you pay is actually very justified.

3. Free Wi-Fi and Parking

With the whole world being a digital space now, internet access is certainly an important aspect of any hotel’s guest experience.

The hotels in Gatlinburg, TN have realized that even though their clients are on holiday, they would still need to go online for work, entertainment, or update themselves on what’s going on around the world.

Moreover, if you intend to drive down for your weekend getaway, you do not have to worry about where you will park. Most of the hotels in Gatlinburg, TN do not charge their guests for parking and have enough, ample parking space provided.

4. Endless Activities

Most hotels in Gatlinburg, TN want their guests to enjoy their full experience and it is for this reason they provide packages involving activities for their visitors to engage in. Some of them include tours of Gatlinburg and hikes on the Great Smoky Mountains.

Many hotels are also equipped with facilities granted to make their guests busy without leaving the hotel.

For example, many Gatlinburg hotels have heated pools located either on the rooftop or inside the hotel. If you intend to have a lazy, indoor day, you can certainly go for a relaxing swim and read a book as you sunbathepoolside. Some of them have gyms, world-class restaurants, and indoor sports facilities like tennis courts.

5. Great Security

Staying at a hotel means placing a lot of trust in the hotel owners and staff to keep you and your items safe. Hotels in Gatlinburg, TN are equipped with cameras and special card access to the rooms so you can be sure that you, your loved ones, and your luggage will be secure during your entire stay.

They also have highly trained and professional security guards on constant patrol at all times.

The Bottom Line

Gatlinburg is a highly popular area for many American travelers. It has excellent cuisine, great weather, and a mountainous landscape that attracts huge crowds during the summer and holiday seasons.

Finding great hotels in Gatlinburg, TNshould not be a hard task as long as you know what you are looking for. If you have your preferences and budget in check, you can book yourself an amazing stay at any of the amazing hotels in the area.

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