5 Reasons Why Every Athlete Needs a Game Ready Ice Machine

Athletes have very specific needs. They need to consider their diet, water intake, electrolytes, and recovery each time they work out. Getting these things on the go can be a challenge.

Elite athletes subject their bodies to intense workouts that can leave them sore, and if they are not careful, they can also get hurt. This is why part of every exercise regimen needs to include proper rest and ice.

A Game Ready Ice Machine is the perfect portable ice solution created by Source Fitness. Here are the top 5 reasons why every athlete needs one of these incredible machines.

Improves Post-Workout Recovery

A good workout can make you feel sore. One of the methods many athletes try is using ice. The design of this ice machine allows the sore area to be fully surrounded by cold. This means that both sides of an ankle, the front and back of a knee, and the shoulder can get iced at the same time to improve post-workout recovery.

Provides Pain Relief From Injury

Sometimes athletes get hurt. Most of the time these injuries are minor and can be healed with a few days of rest, good nutrition, and ice. Sometimes, these injuries are more serious and require lengthy downtime. One of the benefits of a Game Ready Ice Machine is that it provides pain relief and aids in healing. The unique design allows cold to surround an injury instead of trying to balance an ice pack awkwardly on an injured area. This provides more comprehensive pain relief.

Portable Ice Solution

After a game or training session, it can be hard to find enough ice to do what you need. You may be in a place without ice. This machine is portable and plugs into any normal wall outlet to ensure you get ice on your body right away. Because it’s small, you can pack it in a bag to easily use in a hotel room, locker room, or anywhere you need ice.

The Game Ready Ice Machine is Easy-to-Use

Some ice machines are complicated and not user-friendly at all. A benefit of the Game Ready Ice Machine is its simplicity. Plugin your ice wrap, turn on the temperature settings, set the timer, and go. No more fumbling with bags of ice or ice packs that don’t provide a form-fitting size. Using this machine has it all and ensures that cold temperatures wrap around where it needs to.

Adjustable Temperature And Time Settings

One of the downsides of icing is that it can only be done for a limited time each hour to ensure safety. Additionally, the temperature of using ice packs changes as the ice melts on your body. This means that in order to get a constant temperature, you need to change out your ice regularly. Using a Game Ready Ice Machine means that not only will athletes benefit from getting the exact same temperature while they are using the device, but they can also adjust how much time it runs and what temperature they want. Some athletes try to use ice baths, but this method can shock the system and cause more harm than good.

Post-Recovery Tips for Athletes

The best thing an athlete can do after an injury or intense workout is to rest and ice the spots that hurt. As they are able, gentle movements also aid in recovery. It’s important to ease back into a training schedule after getting hurt so that you don’t cause further harm. Getting ice on an injury right away helps reduce inflammation and pain and can help you get better faster.

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