5 Criteria to Choose the Right Men’s Suit (Detailed Guide)

A suit is almost a symbol of the elegance and success of men, but not everyone knows how to choose for themselves beautiful suits that are suitable for their body shape. A beautiful men’s suit is a shirt that is suitable for the body and the situation. Gentlemen, please refer to the 5 criteria for choosing a men’s suit below to get the best shirt for yourself.


1. Choose the type of suit based on the number of buttons (buttons):


One-button suit: creative personality, not too formal.


Two-button suit: very popular, almost any personality.


3-button suit: classic, very modern, from the ‘90s, suitable for important occasions, serious places

1 button suit style

Suitable for men who are not too tall with a well-proportioned figure. . Single-button suits are less common than two- or three-button suits. Men with a slightly thin “form” who want to look fuller should choose this suit.


When should I wear it? The one-button suit was once a storm in the popularity of jazz music. Here is a suggestion for you when wearing this suit. The suit is suitable for romantic people who want to attract women’s eyes. You can wear a one-button suit to go to informal parties, go out with friends, go to clubs or nightclubs.

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2 button suit style

Suitable for men over 5.74 feet tall, the lower front of the suit has quite a bit of room, the 2-button shirt creates harmony and balance. In addition, a 2-button suit is also suitable for the office environment, creating comfort but no less politeness when meeting partners… But you should pay attention, with this shirt style you should only button up. The two-button suit is an outfit that never goes out of fashion and is always popular because it suits all types of men’s body shapes. If you don’t have the advantage of height, this style of the suit will help cover your flaws.


Fashion factor: The two-button suit never deviates from men’s fashion trends, never out of fashion. Therefore, this style of clothing only gets old over the years but never becomes old.


Dress well: If you want to button up, you should only button up the top of the shirt. Some new models of the two-button suit have a slight variation in the position of the buttons, pushing them up to chest height, a kind of combination of the two-button suit and three-button suit. Little details like these help you express your personality with this trendy outfit.


When should I wear it? If you buy a ready-made suit but do not tailor it, you should choose a two-button suit because it is safe and always fits your body shape, even if your spending on clothes is extremely tight. This suit is convenient when going to work, meeting partners, or attending conferences.


3 Button suit style

The three-button suit is the right choice for those who are 5.74 feet tall, because the buttons on the shirt are at chest height, creating convenience and comfort for the wearer. A Three-button suit is also suitable for those who want to enhance their bust.


Dress well: Recently, gentlemen often button the top two buttons of the shirt, however, this style can cause the lapel to become unusually short. To enhance the elegant look, just close the button in the middle. The most important thing is not to button the last button, because that will harden the shape of the shirt, unnatural.


When should you wear a suit? The three-button suit is an office-style outfit.

2. Choose the type of suit according to the lapel:

Lapels are a detail of style. Lapel details with a small V-shaped, high at the collar are the identifying factor of an expensive suit. It’s also a detail that helps ready-made suits look like they’ve been “tailored” in a classic style. Mature people can choose a slightly larger lapel size, while young guys prefer a small lapel.


There are many types such as thin, thick, medium, lapel leg, or long, and are divided into 3 main styles:


Traditional lapel: exudes a classic, masculine beauty


Top lapel: for outstanding personality, fashion.


Lace lapel: Red, romantic look.


3. Choose a suit based on the back of the shirt, there are 3 main types of backs:


The type with two slits on both sides


This is a European-style fashion suit, Suitable for men who want to be fuller. This type when viewed horizontally will be very luxurious and elegant, as shown below.


The type with only one line in the middle


This suit is very comfortable for walking, turning, and is both modern and traditional. Suitable for men with big buttocks, or men who want to be more compact. Especially this shirt looks very beautiful and luxurious from the back. Figure below.


The type without cutting


It was popular in the late 80s, ie it was fashionable. Figure below.


4. Choose a suit based on color


Gray, gray, black, and white are still popular colors. However, grooms with a thin body can choose suits of brighter colors. On the contrary, people who are a bit big and tall will suit dark colors very well.


Black suit


This is a traditional color but is often stylized by gentlemen to create youthfulness. Small changes in the neckline, tighter shape, one or two buttons, small lapels in the range of about 5 cm, both suitable for the petite body of Vietnamese men and not too stiff. In addition, the shape of the shirt is also tailored, not long to make you look taller. The most perfect combination with a black suit is a white shirt, creating elegance and nobility. Black and white also create contrast, making you stand out. A black suit is suitable for men who have a big, tall, slightly bold figure.


Gray suit


This is a neutral color, suitable for many body shapes. Whether you are tall or short, this color is suitable for you. The fabric is mainly a combination of cotton and polyester components to create a glossy surface effect. If you are short and bold, you should choose gray with small stripes, creating a sense of a slimmer and longer person. On the contrary, if you are a bit thin, you should wear a plain gray suit. Combined with gray, you will still love the white shirt because it best suits the atmosphere at luxurious parties. Choose a bright tie like a purplish-blue, sky blue, or golden brown when paired with a gray suit and white shirt. If you like youthfulness, you should choose a bow tie, both comfortable and dynamic.


Bright suit V


The bright color of the suit itself makes you very young, so combining it with a bow tie is the most suitable. Guys with a slim, slightly thin body should choose bright colors such as creamy yellow, white and gray … to hide their weaknesses. Choose a young men’s shirt such as white, light pink, light yellow … to combine with a bright suit.


To keep the suit from hopelessly outdated after a year, choose tested and proven colors. For non-patterned suits, choose charcoal or navy. They will help prolong the life of your suit. With textured suits, dark gray will live on forever.


5. Choose men’s suit according to the fabric material


Korean cashmere fabric and Singapore cashmere fabric: The fabric should be soft, strong, luxurious, with a nice shine and not wrinkle, be a soft and thin fabric. The fabric chosen to sew the suit is usually cashmere fabric, which has the advantage of being soft and thin, making you comfortable and not uncomfortable when moving.


suit sewed from khaki fabric. On hot summer days, most gentlemen choose a khaki suit because of its comfort, good sweat absorption, and bright colors. Skip the rigid tie, you can replace it with a brightly colored bow tie that will help stand out from other guests at the party.


A suit made from linen fabric: Linen fabric is not an outdated choice because it is modern, bright, and suitable for the hot weather of summer thanks to its ability to absorb sweat well, not crease when active too much. much. suit sewn from linen fabric should be wide, hugging the groom’s physique. Although the fabric is thick, the linen is very airy and cool to wear. Materials such as cotton, linen will meet this condition for you.


tA suit made of cotton fabric can be worn in spring, summer, autumn, thin material, light and airy, even more wrinkled, rough like cotton, linen.


suits made of Linen are suitable for hot summer, whereas suits made of wool and velvet help keep warm on winter days.


Knowing the above criteria will help you choose a men’s suit that suits your personality, physique, and economic conditions. I wish you even more success on your way to becoming a gentleman. And don’t forget to look for some coupon, discount codes and promotions to save yourself some good money. There are many promotions, and especially if you choose to order online in advance, then you can go directly to reputable stores to try on the suit.

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